Organizing Coupons

January 2, 2011

Organizing Coupons

Here are some common household items you can use to help keep your coupons organized.

  1. Paper Clips: Easy for the cashier to handle at the check out.
  2. Envelope: Take a junk mail envelope and stick it to the fridge with a magnet. Put coupons you want to redeem the next time you go to the store in it and your list on the envelope.
  3. Note Card Box: A note card box works well. Many have A to Z dividers. I see these a lot at garage sales.
  4. Old Check Book: Easy to carry with you and convenient at the check out.
  5. Accordion File: They make accordion-style files for cancelled checks that work well for coupons. You can sort them by aisle or the month that they expire.
  6. Clothespin: Works well for keeping the coupons together while you shop.

Budget Savvy Diva’s – Method:

If you get the sheets used for baseball cards, you can just fold the coupon and slip it into a pocket – you won’t have to tape the coupons to sheet protectors. The baseball card sheets are already hole- punched so you can fit them in a notebook. Then you can use tabbed dividers to separate the sheets into categories.

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