Frugal Eats: Apple Pie Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This week I did something a little different – plus a video for you as well.

I was at Rite Aid and saw that chocolate chip cookie mix for .99 cents – so I snagged it anything below $1.00 for cookie mix is a good buy to me. When I went to make the cookies I thought I should experiment a bit. I love to experiment in the kitchen – do you?? I decided to take an apple and make

Apple Pie Chocolate Chip Cookies

I make the cookies like it told me on the package BUT I took the apple cut it up into small chucks on sauteed in a grill pan with 1 tbs of butter – 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon for about 10 minutes – until it was nice and soft.

Looks Good I think – here is a little video I shot enjoy



Final Cost: Less the $2.00 for 18 Cookies

The HUBBY LOVED THEM! Next time I make them I will add a extra apple for more of a punch.