Restaurant Reivew: Chipotle

April 27, 2011

Thank you Mr.Savvy for writing this restaurant review :)


For a long time now Wendy’s has been a favorite fast food location of mine.  They have a terrific value menu and the food always tastes great.  It doesn’t leave me with that gross feeling I sometimes get from Jack in the Box or Carl’s Jr., But BSD and I have added another favorite to our list, Chipotle.  For the portion size Chipotle is pretty decently priced on it’s own.  The food is great, too.  Nevertheless, we have a way of dining at Chipotle that really works for us and saves a few more dollars. 

As a counter service restaurant, sharing is easy.  The most convenient item to share is the Burrito bowl.  It’s a lot of food for just one person and when you couple it with chips for dip/scooping it’s a two in one.  I usually go for a beer, which is also priced well, but often we share a drink.  Refills are free, so BSD gets what she wants while we eat.  Then I get what I want when all the foods gone.  I tend not to drink until I’m done eating and it works nicely that way.

Our favs: lime/cilantro rice, chicken* (I get Barbacoa when I’m all alone), black beans, med. Salsa (hot), corn, lettuce and cheese.  The corn has red onions in it which leave an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth, but I can’t resist the corn, so I’m just going to have to carry breathe mints.

*Some locations post a warning about their chicken, which is famous for being free of hormones or antibiotics.  Due to large demand and short supply your local Chipotle might have had to buy from another source.  As Chipotle grows, I believe their commitment to use hormone and antibiotic free chicken whenever possible will face more challenges.  I hope they can continue their mission of “food with integrity” as time goes by.

We usually get out of there for around $10.00 – not to shabby

Budget Savvy Diva Rating: 9/10  – Yummy and Amazing :)


Are YOU a Chipotle fan???

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Netty April 27, 2011 at 6:03 pm

We love Chipotle! I couldn’t agree more with your review!


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