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April 12, 2011

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Walmart announced it is bringing back thousands of products that were dumped from stores, they say they are ready to roll up their sleeves to win the lowest-price battle with their rivals. “We’re bringing back products and brands [our customers] want,” said Mac Naughton.

Nationwide, Wal-Mart is also making localized additions to its stores. For example, the retailer is increasing fish supplies in Central Florida stores, adding more ice fishing and ice hockey products in Minneapolis, and boosting inventory of hiking and pool supplies in its Phoenix stores.

Giving more choices: After alienating customers by culling too many products from shelves, Wal-Mart is bringing the variety back by adding 8,500 items to stores.

What do YOU think??

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Kassandra April 12, 2011 at 6:58 pm

I hate my local walmart. Occasionally I do have to go there to pick up a few thing, but they aren’t much cheaper and the customer service sucks! The associates are rude and the managers are lazy. Walmart went down when the kids took over that business.


renee April 12, 2011 at 8:24 pm

I so agree w/ Kassandra…it makes me think it’s heading in the same direction as Roses or Ames, how they were the “it” stores when I was little & now they’re a dump! The biggest thing for me too is the cost. A pair of jeans for my toddler is around $10! I can go to the mall & get name brand jeans either at that price or cheaper! And yes customer service does stink. My son even notices a big difference when we shop there compared to at Farm Fresh. He’s told me that at Walmart they say “Oh my lord, she’s got coupons” whereas FF says, “Welcome & How are you doing today?” (btw, we actually had that happen & he can’t seem to forget ;-))


Lauralee Hensley April 13, 2011 at 12:44 am

I have a different take on the Walmart in my community. No, I don’t work there, or have family members working there either. I think it really depends on who you have as a manager in the Walmart store that makes the difference. If that manager really keeps up with what’s going on in their store and makes sure their employees treat the customers/patrons with respect and teaches their employees that without customers/patrons they don’t have a job.
Anyways I think it’s great that they are looking at stores geographically, and not just in mass. That way the stores can have on their shelves items that people want to purchase in that area of the country.
I think if you’re having a problem with a Walmart in your area, you should report it to Corporate Walmart. Give them details and examples of the problems you are having there. If they don’t know the problems how can they fix them, or remove bad managers? Once again, I think a good store starts with good managers.


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