Is Soul Daddy America’s Next Great Restaurant? Or A Flop?

May 6, 2011

We were excited to learn that one of three locations of where the winning restaurant from America’s next Great Restaurant – was going to open just down the street :) Read below to see if Soul Daddy – is a true hit or just a sour note

Mr.Savvy ( BSD’s Hubby wrote this review) :)


I got a great lunch treat today.  BSD and I went to the heart of Hollywood to check out Soul Daddy after watching America’s Next Great Restaurant all season and anxiously looking forward to tasting the victory.  The finished product of what originated as a chicken and waffles concept is sort of like a HOB on the go with a chipotle twist.  It’s sparse, but homey.

We came hungry and left stuffed.  It all tasted amazing.  We got the herb crusted baked chicken breast with cheesy creamy grits and steamed collard greens and a corn waffle.   BSD also let me order the pulled pork sandwich which was incredibly tender and moist.  I had it dry and also tried it with tangy, sweet bbq sauce some really good spicy mustard.

The chicken was moist and delicious as well.  All of it tasted so great and I even got enough leftovers for when I’m at work on my lunch break.  My only complaint is the limited options on hot sides.  There are pasta salads, rice salads, and other cold side dishes, the sweet potatoes I took with me are going to get heated up later.

It’s a new place and we haven’t cracked how to do it frugally yet, as with chipotle.  The portion sizes are not huge, but just right for a full dish.  We weren’t wanting for anything and we still paid less than twenty dollars.  A meal costs $9.00 and you get two sides and a corn waffle, which I think are going to be huge.

Menu with grades

Below is the grades for what we ate:

Baked Herb Chicken: SUPER MOIST and YUMMY – 9/10 – Cost — 8.95

Pulled Pork Sandwich: 9/10 – 4.95

Side Dishes:

Cold – Sweet Potato Salad: 8/10 – Cost: 2.50

Hot – Collard Greens: 8.5/10 – Cost 2.50

Hot – Cheese Grits – 8.5/10 – Cost 2.50



Corn Bread Waffles – 8/10 – Cost 1.00


Sweet Tea: 9/10- Cost – 1.85

Side Note from BSD: I loved the fact that they were able to answer my gluten free questions easily :)


OVERALL: It is a HIT! We hope they go to Phoenix, AZ soon so we can enjoy it there.

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Maggie M. May 6, 2011 at 7:38 pm

Thanks for the review! I also watched all season- wish the Soul Daddy well!


Eva May 6, 2011 at 11:02 pm

Thanks so much for the review I watched the show all season and the two finalists that were left were my favorite of all the contestants I am glad that is it a great place to eat and a hit I hope he does well so that they will open some acrooss the country not just in threee locations so maybe I can get to try it. I think the reason they had limited options was because they had to open so quickly maybe they will add more food options if the resturant does really well.


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