How To Spot and Protect Yourself From FREEBIE SCAMS

August 8, 2011

here are a lot of freebies out there – many of them are legitimate but there are some fake and are there so they can get your information to sell to other people – but not to worry Budget Savvy Diva does her homework and makes sure that all the freebies posted are legitimate. So keep checking back daily to see more fake freebie alerts :)

Here at Budget Savvy Diva – we work hard to make sure every freebie posted is legitimate :) But for other freebies found on other sites you can use the following checklist.

Red Flags:
1. Biggest sign of a scam offer is site design – the more simple the site there is more of a chance that it is a fake freebie site.
2. Advertising next to the freebie offer. Legitimate freebies are given away usually because they want you as a future customer or subscriber. Scammer sites are just trying to make a quick buck, hoping you’ll click on one of their ads.
3. Look for an “about page” and contact information. If they want your information, and will not disclose their own… it is mostly a fake freebie.
4. You can always check the domain name registration using a service like whois. If they just registered the domain name for the site the day before, hit the back button on your browser.
5. Too good to be true – Offers that appear too good to be true are. A free trial size shampoo makes sense because they are trying to sell shampoo. A free vacation is unlikely, unless there are large hidden charges or other commitments attached.
6. Free with shipping and handling -Though most of these deals are OK as long as the shipping and handling fees are reasonable and you get something of value.
How to Protect Yourself from Freebie Scams
1. Create a junk email address – use a email address that is solely for freebies.
2. NEVER – Give your Paypal address, social security number, credit card number, banking account or vital personal information under any circumstance.
3. Get a google number – Free phone number so you do not get any spamming calls – get yours HERE

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