Review/ Giveaway – Baskin Robbins Cake Bites

October 29, 2011

Ice Cream Cake Bites are available at Baskin-Robbins across the country!  You can purchase them individually for $2.99 a piece, or in a four-pack for $9.99.  You can usually find a four-pack containing one of each flavor ready-to-go – found it super easy to find at my local store :) 

The different types

    • Double Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream over chocolate cake, enrobed with chocolate ganache and finished with a chocolate accent.
    • Praline Caramel – Pralines ‘n Cream ice cream over white cake enrobed with white chocolate ganache and  finished with caramel drizzle and chopped pralines.
    • Chocolate Mint – Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream over chocolate cake, enrobed with chocolate ganache and finished with white chocolate drizzle.
    • Vanilla Blondie – Vanilla ice cream over white cake, enrobed with white chocolate ganache and finished with chocolate accent.

This is Mr.Savvy’s take on them

Baskin Robins, the famous ice cream chain that boasts 31 flavors and provides the dual deliciousness of the two-in-one desert ice cream cake now has a variation on the latter called Cake Bites.

They look like giant candies and are ridiculously sweet, especially the white coating of the vanilla ice cream and white cake blondie. The cake bites come in four distinct flavors, double chocolate (chocolate cake topped with chocolate ice cream), praline caramel (Delicious! pralines and cream over white cake), chocolate mint (mint ice cream over chocolate cake), and vanilla blondie (Vanilla ice cream over white cake.
The crunchy chocolate shells ad sweetness and texture. Particularly the white ones. My favorite by far is the chocolate mint. The dark chocolate shell enhances what’s inside beautifully. I also love the praline caramel, which has just the perfect ammount of caramel.
These bites are more than a mouth full and you may end up licking your fingers unless you have a very sharp knife… Then you may end up cutting your fingers.

One lucky Budget Savvy Diva will be sent a gift certificate to snag their own 4 pack of Cake Bites to try themselves :)

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