Look At The “Surprise” A Child Received in Their Capri Sun…

October 27, 2011

I am giving everyone fair warning the picture after the link is not pretty…. I just found a Capri Sun coupon — but I will not be posting it now… Wonder when the recall will be… But the BIG question is -

Will You still be buying Capri Sun?

Make sure to share this post with family and friends — you do not want them to find what is in the picture below


This picture was taken by Amber who bought this Capri Sun for her children…

When her son was finishing his drink he felt something funny with his straw – so they cut it open to this!!!!!

I did some more research apparently Capri Sun does NOT use preservative in their drinks so this is a reason – things can “grow” in it

I just found another horrible thing found in a Capri Sun

Family finds large “fleshy mold” in Capri Sun; two weeks later, Kraft says it’s “unpleasant but not a safety issue” on Facebook

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