Movie Review: John Carter of Mars

March 23, 2012

The thing I like best about John Carter is that it has a very strong beginning and end, which are the most important parts and often times neglected, especially where the ending is concerned.  Here is a movie that knows where it’s going and how to set itself up.  I also love all of the stewing elements of other films such as Superman, Tarzan, Star Wars, Cowboys and Aliens, The Scorpion King, even Firefly to some small degree, that coalesce together to make one unique and franchisible film.

John Carter is an ex confederate soldier, avoiding the government and the local Indians.  Having found a cave of gold, he hopes to live out his days in peace.  When he is unexpectedly transported to Mars, he finds himself at the mercy of three waring tribes.  The circular plot in the middle– where John Carter, becoming a prisoner, a slave, and a warrior, falls under the custody of each side– lacks some panache.  Though it is certainly entertaining it does not rivet you to your seat.

Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall-e) directs and his trademark ambitious, yet capable directing style allows for an epic that is honed to its finest points for a very meaty yet lean storyline.

Though the mid portion didn’t exactly ‘wow’ me, the whole work deserves great praise.  It definitely left me wanting more and I will be hoping for a sequel, even though this film will be difficult to surpass.  Michael Giacchino gives us another amazing score and though I don’t think seeing this in 3D is mandatory it is such a beautiful film and the added depth only enhances the look and feel of it.


Mr.Savvy wrote the review. We were allowed to see a screening of this film – but the thoughts and opinions are ours.

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