Comcast Confuses Me

July 24, 2012

Oh Comcast you confuse me so …

So here is the situation -

We live in an apartment where Comcast is our only option for internet, phone, cable.

We decided to bundle our internet and cable together.

The internet has been pretty good but the cable has been another story.

We went through 3 cable boxes until we got to our current one.

I noticed that we hardly watch cable – we normally simply watch Netflix streaming or something similar.

So I called Comcast to cancel our cable — I was SHOCKED that if I cancelled the cable then our internet would shoot up in price to be more expensive then what we are currently paying.

So I ended up keeping the bundle since it is cheaper to have the cable + internet compared to just having internet.

Why do you think bundles are cheaper then getting it separately?

Do you have any tips for me on lowering my bill?

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