The Aristocats Blu-ray/DVD Special Edition Review

October 11, 2012



Duchess and her three kittens are enjoying the high life with their devoted human mistress until the wicked butler Edgar, with his eyes on a big inheritance, decides to dope them and get them out of the picture. How can these fragile creatures cope in the unfamiliar countryside and the meaner streets of Paris? Only by meeting the irrepressible alley cat O’Malley, a rough diamond with romance in his heart.

Disney’s The Aristocats is one of the most recent new releases to get a special edition bluRay, DVD combo.  As classic as it is unique and original, the timeless story of wealthy cats journeying home after being abducted by a greedy butler, is set among the backdrop of Paris and the french countryside and accompanied by a most scenic and identifiable soundtrack.  This new edition has a new menu bar you can conjure up during previews to skip ahead or get to the main menu.  The bonus features include music videos and a fun old Disney cartoon.  My favorite is an excerpt from The Great Cat Family, a fully narrated animated story of the history of the domestic cat.

The Sherman brothers, who wrote It’s a Small World and the songs from Marry Poppins which won them an oscar are featured prominently on the disc as their soundtrack is a vital and prominent aspect of the story.  I especially like the look at the lost opening, which features a deleted song and a new character that was dropped from the film.  You can even choose to watch just the song portions of the movie, including subtitles.  Songs include: “The Aristocats”, “Scales and Arpeggios”, “Thomas O’Malley Cat”, and of course, “Everybody Wants to be a Cat.”

You can snag it on sale on Amazon HERE

Disclaimer – I received this film to review for free but these thoughts are my own.

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