FREE ECOgrade photodegradable bag sample

December 21, 2012

** FREEBIE Alert **

Free ECOgrade photodegradable bag sample

Let us know if you snag it :)

ECOgrade bags are a solution to the damage from plastic bag pollution. If littered or lost, these bags begin to break apart in 40 days and completely degrade to a non-toxic residue within 240 days of exposure to sunlight.

In addition, they bring these advantages to both the environment and the economy.

  • ECOgrade is made from natural materials reducing plastic resin in bags by 46%, minimizing dependency on oil and gas
  • ECOgrade produces 34% less Greenhouse gas in pre-production
  • ECOgrade bags use 15% less energy in the manufacture of bags than regular plastic bags
  • ECOgrade bags are recyclable with other plastics
  • ECOgrade bags cost about the same as plastic bag


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