Amwell For Lactation Help #MOMSLOVEAMWELL

If you don’t know Amwell, it is the nation’s largest telehealth company.  Telehealth is where you can be connected with board certified, licensed doctors immediately through online platforms for live visits any time, day or night.  It’s a very helpful program and is used to help manage chronic conditions, refill prescriptions, address health concerns, and even help with minor illness or injuries.

Amwell does all of this to you help 24 hours a day with the help of primary care physicians, specialists, behavioral therapists and dietitians so you can get the medical attention you need from the comfort of your own home.

The most recent addition to Amwell’s general services is lactation consulting, which is why they asked me to help them raise awareness of this new offering.  I’ve done the reading and the homework and the classes and there is a lot about breastfeeding to remember.  I also know that there is no way to prepare for babies not feeding the way they are supposed to.  Monitoring and aiding their development is crucial and it is necessary to have somebody you can connect with when lactation, feeding, or pumping doesn’t go as planned.

Lactation consultants are not available at every hospital and not every mother has the opportunity to meet with one.  For many new mothers Amwell’s video consulting the best choice for lactation services.  Video allows the consultants to assist with latching, breast pain, and questions about milk supply or going back to work.  Mothers using this service get answers to their questions within 24 hours of request.

It’s great to know that by the time I’m breastfeeding, I am going to have access to the answers I need for the questions I’m bound to have.  To find out more about Amwell’s amazing services.  And be sure to visit when you need to consult a medical professional. There is also an offer – 50% off 2 visits – first visit is $130 – it will be $65 with discount and second after discount would be $37.50 – ends 12/31/17. Use the code – NEWMOM1. Be sure to “Like” Amwell on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Instagram