The onUp Challenge with Suntrust

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own. This is a good time to talk about money. It's like those New Year's resolutions to get into better shape after so much feasting and indulging in sweets. We love learning how to save money, or getting a fabulous deal, but when it comes to talking about getting out of debt, saving for emergencies, or growing a retirement fund, the conversation gets really hard. There is so much we all can do to have a better year financially, wherever we are on the spectrum, but is it just me or is it impossible to pay attention to all of the boring details of where your money should be going and how to grow it steadily over time? I think many of us just want to get out of debt and we're not sure what that looks like, but are pretty sure starting another savings account is out of the question. Finances are stressful, and though we try to avoid talking about them, we cannot avoid their effect on us or the consequences of how we spend and save. SunTrust, the bank I have mentioned in previous posts relating to the onUp Movement, is really aiming to dispel some of the stigmas and difficulties in taking that initial journey into better financial planning. SunTrust recently launched the onUp Challenge, which really feels like a financial game. The onUp Challenge aims to help you improve your financial health by focusing on key areas. Through a series of themed lands, it aims to provide the tools and plans to help make you a financial success.

You can follow this link to see what it's all about HERE. The first step is the Values Challenge. This is just a quick look at what is important to you in life. It's pretty cool because with the information you give about your values (you will select 3-10 things that you highly value) they are able to generate some key information you might find personally interesting based on those selections. You will also gain access to the seven magical lands with names like "Confidence Clearing," "Lenders Ledge," and "Home Buyers Hollow." Each land tackles a different topic and provides lots of advice, inspiration, challenges and most importantly tools. Completing the action checklists provided after each land can lead to a tremendous sense of accomplishment. The onUp Challenge does a brilliant job of using Mind Map Activities to inspire thinking around key financial challenges. I have to say, I actually had a lot of fun with this. It can be a really worthwhile way to spend your time. Each time you complete a land you earn a badge, which is so perfect for me! I am addicted to games with some sort of reward when you move on to a new level, or in this case, a financial land. Most importantly, you can learn a lot. I found out that in the last 6 months 19% of Americans said the lack of ability to save money has caused them financial stress. 51% of Americans have less than $2,000 in emergency savings. That number shoots up to 64% for millennials. I found the tips and inspiration in these lands– like different ways to create a budget– and the 3 key takeaways at the end of every chapter to be very helpful in my own journey of improving my financial situation. The onUp Challenge is fun, easy to digest and really sets out to give participants an actionable plan that will give them better confidence to improve their financial state. Eric and I will continue to use this as a financial guide throughout 2018. I look forward to seeing the difference in a year.

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.