10 Things to put in Easter eggs that aren’t candy

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Guest Post By Mama Loves Her Bargains


not anti-candy. Not at all. (Hey, look at my physique, there’s clearly been
candy in my life on many occasions!). That said, I don’t want to just fill a bunch of eggs with
candy and let the kids have at it. Sure, I do some candy treats, but we’re big
into the hunting of the eggs in this family and I try to think “outside the box”
for fillers. Since Easter’s just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of
my suggestions to fill plastic eggs that are not candy!
Here are This Mama’s suggestions to put into eggs:
1. Stickers
2. Tatoos
3. Bouncy Balls
4. Bandaids (what kid doesn’t love character bandaids?)
5. Mini Erasers
6. Matchbox Cars
7. Whistle
8. Tubs of chapstick/lip gloss
9. Coins
10. Puzzle pieces
The puzzle pieces might be my favorite…and you can do it a few ways. You can
just tuck a piece or 2 of a puzzle in a bunch of eggs and finish the puzzle
together as a family after the hunt, OR, you can get a puzzle per kid, and they
have to find THEIR puzzle pieces. This can be a lot of fun and you can make it
more and more challenging depending how old your kids are! The last way you
could use puzzle pieces is to have a “larger” prize-type item and get a picture
of it- cut that picture into puzzle pieces and tuck each piece into an egg to be
hunted for. (You will likely have to color code the eggs or “label” them per kid
with some of these ideas!)
You can always buy different sized eggs, which would definitely allow for even
more creativity in your hunts. Fruit snacks lend themselves nicely to being
tucked into the medium sized eggs, as do pairs of kid socks, underwear and hair
We love the egg hunt, we just have so much fun with it! Do you put things
besides candy into your eggs? What kinds of things do you tuck into your eggs?


Thanks! Mama Loves Her Bargains for This GREAT Easter Post