Dating on a Dime

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How long has it been since you and your “other half” were on a date? If you are like me you are sitting there trying to remember. Has it been that long? Seems like everyone is cutting back their spending and trying to save more. But it is so important that we continue some things like spending quality time with our significant other. Not only do we deserve it, we NEED it! Madame Deals and Living on Love and Cents have teamed up to bring you Dating on a Dime. Go here to see the prevous posts.
From Madame Deals: I often feel like if we could only steal fifteen minutes away without any interruptions each day then we are doing great. We have had many meals together over the years. It was so easy before kids. We used to have lunch together often. The problem now is life, work, kids, and time constraints gets in the way. I figured there has to be a way to recover lunch. I was in town groceries shopping so I called my husband and invited him to lunch at a local restaurant. The bill was under $20 and we had a great date. We went to a place with a salad bar buffet to save time. It was easy to get him to come I told him the lunch was on me. We have also in the past had sandwiches in the car.If you aren’t able to leave the house have lunch over the phone. We have even had meals together via skype when my husband was out of the country. It really doesn’t matter where you are it is who you are with.
From Living on Love and Cents: I am the same way! Now that I am a SAHM I try to find ways to make lunch dates with my husband. If you are like me and your husband works strange hours you can try having a picnic lunch. How? Put the kids down for a nap (this may mean an early or late lunch for you) then make some sandwiches. Head to the backyard with a blanket and lunch. Take a monitor with you so you can hear the kids. Or if you prefer do the picnic in the living room. Either way sit on a blanket and enjoy a simple sandwich lunch with your sweetie. Enjoy your quality time alone. However short it may be.
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Also you can see where Heather from Living on Love and Cents arranged for a date night at home here. It is all about being creative.