Common Relationship Mistakes

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The majority of couples have issues in their relationships. Some more than others. Most of us just do not like to talk about them. No matter how good it looks on the surface, outsiders have no idea what is really going on behind closed doors. Here are some of the common mistakes people make in their relationships but don’t like to talk about.

The Blame Game

It’s so easy to blame the other person in the relationship when things go wrong. Instead of instantly pointing fingers, try to ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are and what you could have done differently. If both partners can do this you generally can come together to come up with a solution you can both be happy with.

They Will Change Assumption

So many people enter into a relationship knowing their partner has a flaw they cannot live with, but their figure they will be able to change them over time. People don’t change.


It doesn’t take much for suspicions to get raised just enough that one partner wants to check in on the other. And with our social lives in the palm of our hand these days, it becomes easier than ever to snoop into our partners lives to find out what goes on when you aren’t around. This is never good. It usually ends up getting worse and worse until the partner doing the snooping is caught. And either their suspicions are justified or they are not. But either way the trust is gone.


Some couples start their relationship together and spend more and more time together until they have a hard time spending time apart. Each partner needs space and needs time to do their own thing. Too much time together will eventually lead to high tensions and no room to breathe.

Partner Pleaser

We all like to do nice things for our partners. Make an extra special dinner. Grab some flowers on the way home. Make sure the house is super clean when they get home. But doing things JUST to make them happy all the time will end up impacting you badly. You will start keeping score and you will start to feel like your relationship is not in balance. Do something nice when you feel the urge, but only if you can do it and also feel good about yourself when you’re done.