Who am I: How to Find Yourself in This World

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Who am I: How to Find Yourself in This World

Discovering our inner selves is the most fascinating adventure of our lives. As a human being, you are destined to wonder at some point: who am I? Where did I come from? I’m tryin to find myself but the world keeps overwhelming me. I need to find myself. How can I make sense of my existence in this world? 


These questions bother all of us. What should we do to deal with this existential crisis? Well, that is the focus of this post. Here we will try to explain how to find yourself in this world. If you are curious to know who you are, first of all you have to understand the fact that self-understanding is not self-indulgence. Examples of how people found a place in life are shown in Who Am I essay and books about psychology. An essay on how to find yourself in life can be extremely helpful for you. Moreover, you will have time to think while reading and choose the necessary technique. So, see if it can answer some of your questions. There are many other examples of good essays on life. Consider doing some research online. 

Do not feel guilty when you feel the urge to find yourself. It is not a self-centered goal. The process is deeply unselfish, and it should determine your activities in life. If you want to become a good person, first off all you should try to understand your inner self. Here are some steps that you may find helpful. 

Understand your past

Knowing your own story is the key to uncovering who you really are. Exploring your past is something that takes willingness and courage. And you can not become the person you want to be unless you understand your roots. 

If you go deep inside yourself, you will find that there are unresolved traumas. If they are not addressed, they will determine the way you live you life. To some extent, psychological well-being depends on how you interpret your own life story. If you interpret the narrative as coherent, you will find it relatively easy to navigate through life’s difficulties. 

Adult people hardly realize how deeply their attitudes to life are determined by their childhood experiences. You have knowingly or unknowingly developed hostile attitudes towards life, and those attitudes will dictate the way you develop your personality. In other words, your childhood experiences determine the way you interpret the world around you. 

Reflect on the memories that haunt you. Try to make sense of the memories. As the thoughts arise and pass, observe them. Gradually you will gain some insights. 



You are an independent individual, and you have to develop that sense of yourself. Differentiation is a process that can help you do just that. In order to find your uniqueness, you have to differentiate from societal, familial and above all interpersonal influences. The reason is simple: these influences do not serve you. If you are a college student, this practice is even more important for you. 

Separation from negative influences is a precondition of freedom. Always remember that freedom is not free. Your internal thought processes can be harmful. Try to break with them. Your attitude towards yourself should not be hostile or critical. 

Your parents have unknowingly passed down some negative personality traits to you. Try to separate from them. From your childhood, you have developed an adaptation to events that are painful. Relinquishing those defense patterns is a must. Do not accept the values you have grown up with. Rather, develop your own beliefs, ideals and values. 

Seek meaning

Life becomes unbearable only when there is lack of purposes and meaning. You can withstand horrific circumstances if you have a well-defined purpose of life. Viktor E. Frankl survived the tortures of Nazi concentration camp only because he managed to maintain a sense of meaning. 

Your personal growth, to a large extent, depends on your ability to find a sense of purpose. But what does it mean to find a sense of purpose? Well, it basically means developing a healthy attitude to life, regardless of the expectations of other people. 

What are your values? What principles do you believe in? To find the answer, look deeply within yourself. If you want to live a fulfilled life, always prioritize meaning over pleasure. Pleasure feels good for a short while, but meaning sustains you.