Best Useful budget food for students to boost brain and memory

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Best Useful budget food for students to boost brain and memory

Are you struggling to memorize and cram simple concepts? Well, you surely are missing some vital information. Your brain requires fuel to work properly. It means eating healthy, which does not necessarily mean spending loads. You can quickly get your brain running when you consume the following cheap healthy snacks:

1. Nuts


You can get nuts from any grocery store. They are cheap and are packed with fat, fiber, and protein that will jump-start your brain. Nuts also help keep the blood sugar levels steady. It does not cause spikes in energy as the sugar does. The fun part of consuming nuts is that it does not have to be cooked. As a student, I never had the time to prepare my meals, let alone the fact of eating healthy.  Nuts can be consumed raw or can be mixed in your morning cereal to give you an extra source of energy. Once you have consumed them, you are now ready to take classes, finish assignments, or make resumes for jobs. Well, for that, I have one more piece of information. You can use the best online resume service to save time. Go ahead and click on it!

2. Bananas

Bananas are one of those brain foods snacks that are cheap sources of energy and are a great way to fill your tummy. Just like Nuts, these are packed with minerals, fiber, and vitamins. What is more incredible is that they are available around the year. So, you can go to the nearest grocery store and buy fresh bananas every day. You do not need to stock them up. Bananas are proven to boost immunity, optimize brain capacity, and keep you energetic for hours. The Next time you sit for memorizing something, start by eating a banana as they improve cognitive function and sharpen the brain’s focus. 

3. Dark Chocolate 

Yes, you are reading it right! Dark chocolate is on the list too. It is because dark chocolate is made of cacao. Cocoa has antioxidant properties, as it has flavonoids. These flavonoids help in sharpening the brain’s focus and improves brain plasticity. It also helps in stimulating blood flow in the brain which improves alertness and clarity. This results in better learning and information retention. Now you do not have to get large dark chocolate bars, tiny pieces of chocolate will do just fine. You can also save them up in a box and label it “brain foods for exams”. Do not forget to hide it!

4. Fatty fish

We were always told by our grandmothers to eat fish. I could not understand why, until I read about it. Consider it a superfood for your brain. It is because it is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in the building membrane around brain cells and other cells of the body. It, in turn, improves the structure of the brain cells known as neurons. The overall brain activity improves as the ability to think, memorize, and other cognitive activities improve. The examples of these fatty fish that are high in omega -3 are: 

  • Salmon 
  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • tuna
  • herring
  • sardines

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5. Eggs


Another excellent brain food for studying is eggs. They are affordable and can be consumed in different ways. Whether they are Sunnyside up, fully fried, boiled or poached, they are worth including in your diet. It is because eggs contain choline, which results in the development of healthier brain cells. Furthermore, eggs are a good source of vitamins such as B-6, B-12, and folic acid. So, pick up some eggs as you will be your way smarter in no time!

6. Berries

Just like dark chocolate, berries contain flavonoid antioxidants that give it brain-boosting powers. They are highly affordable when in season. You can go and buy them in large quantities. The good thing about these is that you can freeze them. Whenever you want a boost of energy, you can consume them as frozen snacks or make smoothies and juices. The antioxidants in berries prevent memory loss, improve learning functions, and promote motor skills. They also help in reducing inflammation throughout the body. The following berries are rich in flavonoid antioxidants that can be easily found in the market: 

  • strawberries
  • blackberries
  • blueberries
  • blackcurrants
  • mulberries

7. Beets 

Nobody thought that beet is a superfood, but yes, it is! It not only promotes hemoglobin production but also helps with the blood circulation. Beets are full of nitrates. They help in keeping the brain well-oxygenated and helps you in thinking clearly. It is one of the healthy college meals that are affordable and improves your brainpower. For those of you who are trying to reduce weight, beet helps you with that too!

8. Apples

Apples, just like bananas, are highly affordable. Apples are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. They also contain antioxidants such as polyphenols and quercetin, which help in keeping the brain cells healthy. It is proven that apples help reduce the problems related to memory loss, such as Alzheimer’s disease. You can consume them, without worrying about weight gain as they do not contain any fat. 

9. Spices