Where to Find the Best Coupons

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Where to Find the Best Coupons

Coupons help you save money on everything from new appliances and clothing for your family to food and your next vacation. Even sites like ShipTheDeal.com are popping up providing deals for thousands of stores. Using coupons is so popular that several networks even released television shows that focus on people who dig through the trash and go to extreme lengths to find discounts. Trimming costs from your monthly expenses goes a long way in building your future. To ensure you have the financial skills in place, you can return to school and use private student loans in order to invest in yourself without needing a cosigner. Not only will you save money on interest rates, but a higher salary will pay dividends in the long run. You don’t need to spend nearly as much time to find coupons that you can use, but you do want to know where to look to find the best coupons.


Is there a specific type of frozen food you love so much that you keep multiple boxes stocked in your freezer? Writing to the company that makes that food to let them know how much you love it can help you get coupons for your next purchase. The internet made it easier than ever to get in contact with those manufacturers too. Not only can you send emails to save on the cost of stamps, but you can contact the companies on Twitter and other social media sites. Many parents received coupons for baby formula and diapers when they wrote to the companies that made those products.

Sunday Paper

The Sunday paper is the best place to find paper coupons. Companies pay newspapers to put their coupons in the weekend supplement. If you have family and friends who get the paper, you can ask them to save those supplements for you. Recycling centers often have stacks of newspapers that people give each week too. Sending the centers an email or stopping by the office lets them know that you’ll take any coupons they have. You might want to check the paper on other days too. Some companies run ads in the middle of the week that include exclusive coupons.

The Web

Finding promo codes and digital coupons are as easy as checking a few websites. The internet features hundreds of sites that offer discounts you can use in one of two ways. Some have coupons that you can click on, which will load the site that offers the discount and automatically apply it to your orders. Others give you promo codes that you can copy and paste on another site or write down and use later. Not only will you find codes that give you free shipping, but some codes include 10% or more off a future order. Make sure to check out a Home Depot coupon for all your home improvement needs.

Store Apps

Don’t forget about store apps too. Both Target and Walmart have apps that let you place orders and get exclusive discounts when you download them. You can also sign up for store credit cards that earn extra rewards and allow you to use the funds today and pay it off later. Store apps often customize the coupons that are available based on your shopping history and what you bought in the past. You might get 25% off toys if you recently bought holiday gifts or a buy one, get one free offer on media if you buy DVDs. No matter how you find new coupons, you can use those discounts to save on anything you want.