How to Help Students Develop Compassion and Respect for Others?

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Respecting others, especially those older than you, has always been something that everyone should know and stick by. It doesn’t matter if you’re in college or middle-aged, it’s a rule that feels good, it shows that you have manners and are a good person. But, believe it or not, it’s not as easy to teach a child this as it sounds. In most cases, children follow their role models and behave similarly to them. 

This is also a human quality that can be developed later on, although it’s much more difficult at this stage. Older kids and even students sometimes struggle with this but it’s never too late to start practicing some very healthy ways of becoming a better person and showing respect and empathy towards others. There are countless ways to learn this skill. Consider asking the elderly about how they wish you to behave, also high schoolers should consider looking for compassion essay examples online and learn from real-life experiences. This list will show you a few of the best ways to learn how to be nice, to show empathy, and how to teach and encourage respect so that everyone wins at the end.

Be The Perfect Role Model

One of the best ways to make someone close to you always do the right thing is to show them, not tell them. A person is way more likely to accept a piece of advice if you practice the same instead of saying something and acting differently. There is no school for this quality but it can still be taught. 

You need to be the perfect teacher who always practices what they preach. The best way to understand this is by simply imagining what it would be like if someone told you how to do something and then the same person does it wrong. The more you show these qualities, the more others will pick up on them. 

Show Them the Rewards

There is a reason why it’s always better to be kind and to be respectful rather than rude or mean. It simply feels better to show respect and compassion to others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re outside, in class, in a meeting, or at home, being nice is a habit, and once practiced enough, it sticks for life. 

Both you and the party you’re being nice to will feel better, it will be easier to establish a bond, and will generally like you more as a person. On top of that, teaching compassion is something that feels rewarding and provides a very satisfying feeling. The key takeaway here is that being nice, compassionate, and good to others simply feels amazing, and that’s a fact. 

What is Compassion

So, why is being compassionate and respectful so great? Well, it helps both you and the one who needs it more than anything. People who require compassion are usually suffering from something and you should always at least show interest to make someone feel better. 

To be frank, it doesn’t cost you a single thing and it could mean the world to the other person. If nothing else, it at least helps others become fond of you way more. You can show how you feel through things as simple as words in writing like a note and make someone’s day. Compassion and respect are the key qualities that make people want to be friends with you and like you more in general. 

Lessons on Respect

Being compassionate can start from simply showing interest in the other person. But, how can you help people show more respect towards others? One way to teach someone a lesson on this would be to simply discuss the topic. An amazing way to show respect is to be polite. Never overreact and be rude simply because it will make you feel better. It’s never worth it and you end up regretting this later. 

Discussing things like this with examples is an amazing way to teach a student, or anyone else, a bit about respect. There are also plenty of books that discuss this such as Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Having the right source of education about the matter can be a game-changer. 


No matter if the person you’re trying to help is a child, a student in university, or anything in between, it’s never too late to start learning and focusing on becoming a better person. Always discuss things like this while being calm and polite. Try to implement a few of the tips mentioned here and watch the progress bar grow.