How to make gummies with Coconut Oil

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Gummy vitamins are undoubtedly the sweetest way to stay healthy and maintain a balanced diet. These chewy supplements provide you with the required nutrients to stay fit such as the yummy and healthy elderberry gummies. Besides, the pleasant candy-like taste makes it more appealing than pills. It is fairly easy to make them at home, and the ingredients are easily available.  

Benefits of Gummies

Children with vitamin deficiencies and a poor diet tend to be problematic when it comes to medication. They are forced to take vitamin supplements and pills that taste awful. Vitamin gummies are probably the best solution. Not only are they simply loved by adults and children alike, but they also fill in the requirements of a poor diet. Gummies come in various flavors ranging from caramel to all kinds of fruits. They contain several minerals and nutrients required by your body. Almost every good dietician will recommend a vitamin supply of gummies to fill in your nutritional needs.

Choosing ingredients 

To make gummies, you don’t need a lot of materials. All you need are some readily available ingredients and a simple set of instructions. The basic ingredients for making gummies include:

  • One-fourth cup of coconut oil
  • One-Eighth cup of Cannabis flower
  •  Half tsp of Sunflower/ Soy Lecithin
  •  1 oz flavored gelatin
  •  Half a cup of Water
  •  1 packet of Jell-O approx 6 oz (any flavor)

Making Gummies

The procedure of making gummies is not a very complicated one. Follow the instructions accordingly, and there is no doubt that your gummies will turn out great. 


First of all, crush, shape and decarboxylate cannabis in an oven-safe dish and in an oven preheated to 250° F for around twenty-five minutes. Secondly, merge the decarbed cannabis and granulate rosin chips (if using), sunflower (or soy) lecithin and coconut oil in an oven-safe container and mix together. Cover the mixture and put it in a water bath before placing it in an oven set at 250° F for one-twenty minutes or two hours. (Remove and stir halfway through.)

Withdraw the oil from the oven and let it cool for a couple of minutes. After that, strain the oil through a strainer or filter. Squeeze the oil out of the cannabis and measure out one-fourth cup for the recipe. 

Next, take a regular-sized saucepan and pour the infused oil and water in it while whisking it continuously. Keep stirring until the mixture comes to a boil. Then, combine unflavored gelatin into the mixture while continuing to mix. After that, whisk the flavored gelatin and then keep stirring for about five minutes. After it has mixed well, bring it to a rolling boil.

Now, comes the most awaited part where you mold your gummies and give them shape. After reducing the heat to low, take some molds and spray them with a cooking spray. Then, fill the molds gradually with the help of a spoon or a dropper. Continue blending your mixture repeatedly. Next, place your molds either in the freezer for twenty minutes or in the refrigerator for an hour to firm up. 

When your mixture is ready and firm enough, take it out of the freezer and unmold it. Your gummies are now ready to take in and enjoy. You may store them in airtight containers for some days at room temperature for future use, or you can freeze them for extended storage as well.

What are Elderberry gummies?

Both children and adults love to take elderberry gummies. Not only do they have a sufficient amount of minerals and nutrients, but they have an absolutely amazing taste as well. These gummies mainly contain zinc and vitamin C, so it’s more likely for people with these deficiencies to consume it. Elderberry gummies have a maximum strength formula with considerably advantageous properties that can be extremely beneficial for your health as well as highly consequential in case of access use.


Choosing ingredients

Other than high-fructose corn syrup and other artificial sweeteners, this vitamin gummy is made purely of raw and natural ingredients which are as follows:

  • Half cup black elderberries
  • Three tbsp gelatin
  • Approx 70mg of Vitamin C (and considerable amounts of zinc)
  • One tsp melted coconut oil.
  • One-fourth cup lukewarm water


Making Elderberry gummies

Firstly, use a brush to lubricate gummy molds with coconut oil. Next, take a large bowl, pour one-fourth cup of elderberry and sprinkle it with gelatin. Allow it to rest for about five minutes, then pour the warm water and quickly whisk the molds until completely diffused. Then, empty out the remaining elderberries and mix again. Here comes the easiest part, pour the mixture into gummy bear molds and freeze for two hours. When set, store gummies in an air-tight glass jar in the refrigerator. 


Home-made recipes of vitamin supplements don’t always turn out successful. A few go’s and you’ll be a professional. Also, you’ll have a cheap and unlimited supply of vitamin supplements ready to use.