What Is a Kamado Grill?: The Facts You Need to Know

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Are you sick of cooking all your meals indoors? Everyone knows that in order to make better food, you need to cook outside.

Investing in a grill, such s a kamado grill, for your backyard, driveway, or porch is one of the best ways to elevate your home cooking game. Not only are they way more fun to cook on, but they produce food that is much more flavorful.

Plus, it means spending extra time outdoors, which is always good for your mental and physical health, even in the middle of suburbia.

But getting a grill isn’t cheap, and it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Keep reading to learn why grilling is the best way to cook and why you should consider a kamado grill for your home.

Why Grilling Is the Best Way to Cook

Grilling your food gives you the opportunity to add the perfect texture and flavor to your meals. And it’s not just meat, either. You can grill veggies too. You can even use a grill to cook sides like eggs, using the right accessories.

But most people use their grills exclusively for meat. One reason is that the smoke and flames from the grill impart flavor and add a crisp outer layer. Also, because the meat is suspended over a grate, the fat drips away from the meat, making your cuts a bit leaner than stovetop cooking methods.

And because you don’t need to add butter or vegetable oils, you won’t be consuming these extra fatty substances, either. On top of a lower fat content, grilled meat retains nutrients more than other cooking methods.

There are many different types of grills available. The amount of space you have available in your backyard or on your porch is a factor in the type of grill to get. Your budget is another major factor. You can also visit the best flat top grill here https://avecbistro.com/best-flat-top-grill/.

And of course, how exactly you like your food cooked is the biggest factor. Different types of grills have different strengths and weaknesses.

From charcoal grills to propane-style BBQs, and everything in between, there’s a lot of choices. But one stands out as truly unique; the kamado grill.

Pros and Cons of a Kamado Grill

So what is a kamado grill? Kamado grills, such as the Blaze Kamado, are round, ceramic grills that are fueled by wood lump charcoal. The wood charcoal used is what helps create the unique flavor associated with kamado grills.

They are shaped like an egg and originate in Japan. They can cook in a variety of ways, from smoking to grilling, roasting to baking, and everything in between.

But the ceramic material is also unique. One of the biggest benefits of a kamado grill is its ability to trap moisture inside the grill during the cooking process. As a result, your food will be juicier and more tender than when cooking on other styles of grills.

And because the ceramic material and the design of the grill are so efficient, they maintain a steady temperature much easier than other types of grills. This means less guesswork and more consistency from day to day.

The insulation is so effective that these can be used outside in the winter with great results, unlike a normal barbeque grill.

How to Use a Kamado Grill

Since kamado grills use lump wood charcoal, you first need to stock up on some different types of charcoal. Different woods will impart different flavors. Over time, you’ll find out what type of charcoal goes best with what type of meat.

For now, just grab a few different kinds to begin experimenting with. To start your grill, you’ll pile up your charcoal on the bottom of the grill in a pyramid shape. What you are cooking, and for how long, will determine how much charcoal you use.

Light the charcoal, ideally using an electric starter or long-handled lighter. Don’t use lighter fluid, unless you want your food to taste like chemicals. The benefit of wood charcoal is that it’s all-natural and burns clean.

Once lit, adjust your grill’s airflow to allow more or less heat into the grill. More air will make it hotter, and less air will maintain a lower temperature.

Let your kamado grill heat up for a while in order to hit your target temperature. This takes time and may require adjustments to your vents to allow more or less air to pass through.

The type of cooking you do will determine the rest of the procedure, but the most important thing is learning how to reach your desired temperature.

Getting a Kamado Grill

So what is the best kamado grill for you? While they are typically all made from ceramic and shaped like an egg, there are many different brands now producing these types of grills.

It may be best to choose an option locally. That way, if you ever have problems with the brand that you purchase, the store you bought it from can help you repair it or replace any parts.

Otherwise, there are many reputable brands such as Blaze or Big Green Egg.

What to Cook With a Kamado Grill

So what should you try and cook once you finally get your hands on a kamado grill? Many people like to start by smoking pulled pork. It’s favorite and it provides plenty of food to share with the family or the neighborhood.

You can also test out your baking skills by whipping up some pizzas at high temperatures. Like to fish? Smoke or grill your catch by tossing the fish on the grill whole.

And of course, you can keep it simple by grilling up some brats or steaks, imparting tons of flavor compared to your standard charcoal or gas grill.

Worth the Cost

Now that you know how awesome a kamado grill is, it’s time to pick one up for yourself. Although they are an investment, you’ll find yourself using them again and again. Your home-cooked meals will be absolutely delicious and your friends will be begging to come over for another cookout.

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