How Art Classes Help Students Become Successful in College

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Today, when learning has become so diverse, we’re finally able to see the benefits of being an art student in the classroom. Many of the skills that we’re acquiring in an art class can be directly transferred to education – while some might think that art has no place in education anymore, it’s actually got everything to do with learning. Here are some of the ways in which art classes can help you become successful and college. 

How Can Art Classes Help You Become Successful in College?

  1. They teach you how to manage time

As students, we’re extremely busy. We always have something to do or accomplish, new things to see, or people to meet. Between hard schoolwork, social life, and sports, we barely have time for anything else. Art can teach us the valuable skill of time-management. Finding time for arts can teach us how to share our time between activities. Waking up at 7 AM to work out, do our homework, and perform any other art-related activities can be a great life lesson. 

  1. They teach students self-discipline

You’re not able to be a great student without mastering self-discipline. If you know how to organize your time-well and say no, your whole world changes. Students who are studying arts understand this the best, since they’ve got to practice and keep up with the other school assignments at the same time. 

  1. They help you value hard work

If you’re a guitar student, for example, you cannot miss practice – nor do you want to. Waking up every day only to practice for 4-5 hours can teach you the importance of hard work. You might not see the results in 2-3 weeks, maybe not even 2-3 months. You’ve got to continue to do it every single day – this way, after one year or so, you might pick the valuable results of your hard work. 

  1. They’re teaching you how to collaborate 

Sometimes, when time is not on your side, you might rush into writing the perfect school assignment. However, you might misunderstand the requirements or be unsure of the content required. By checking out other students’ work, you can get a better idea of what’s being asked. So, if you need some inspiration, you can check out these free resources for your essay on art. In the end, art is all about community. Collaborating is essential when you’re an art student. As a painter, you collaborate with the view. As a sculptor, you collaborate with your muse. As a writer, you collaborate with other writers. 

How Can Arts Help You Become Successful Professionally?

  • They’re opening you up to constructive criticism. You will develop a strategy of coping with criticism and taking it in. You know this will turn you into a more mature, better person, so you’ll naturally do it. 
  • They’re helping you solve important problems. When you’re an art student, your creativity expands, nevertheless. You will become more emotional and be able to solve problems in a quicker manner. You’ll be able to empathize and see the issue from another angle, which is nothing but a benefit. When you encounter a challenging problem, you’ll be able to solve it quickly and without any doubt. 

How Can Arts Improve Your Mental Health?

Being an art student can also help you cope with mental health issues and become a more well-rounded individual. Some of the ways in which art can help you improve your mental health are the following:

  • They develop your motor skills. Being an artist usually means working with your hands, so your motor skills will expand. This can help you succeed in other motor-related activities.
  • They’re helping you develop a more structured brain. An artistic brain develops all areas of the mind, so this will help you be a healthier student, a more developed one.
  • They’re teaching you all about humility. A great artist knows that he or she is never the best, there is always someone better than her/him. This can motivate you to be an even better person and artist in the future and test your limits.
  • They can develop your self-confidence. When you’re on top of everything that you need to do and know how to structure your time, your confidence increases. This can help you achieve new goals and climb the success ladder quicker than anybody you might know.
  • They help you develop empathy. An artist will be empathic and know when, how, and why other people react. Your artistic skills will teach you this, just let your mind flow and disconnect!

Wrapping Up

There are so many benefits to being an artist. Keep doing what you’re doing, and you’ll quickly succeed in anything that you pursue. Be creative, authentic, and strong. Keep going no matter what. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Judy Nelson is a freelance writer and art enthusiast. She helps students overcome exam anxiety and stay connected to their true selves. In her free time, Judy reads personal development books and helps students succeed academically.