How to Make a Delicious Cheese Board in Minutes

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Cheese Boards are super easy to make. All you need are fresh ingredients, varieties of cheese, and a dash of creativity to decorate a lovely cheese board.


There are endless ways to create the perfect cheese board. You can add as many items as you want and decorate them however you like. Cheese boards work great as appetizers, lunches, or light snacks. No matter what the occasion, a well-decorated cheese board can make it fancier.

The boards are relatively easy to make. If you want to create a fancy cheese board, you will have to put in more effort, but you can also whip up a simple cheese board in 5 to10 minutes. The secret to making a great cheese board is not just piling up all the ingredients you have at your disposal.

In this article, we will take a look at how you can make a cheese board with ease. But before that, you need to understand the concept of a cheese board.


What Is a Cheese Board?

As the name suggests, it is a dish served on a wide board.  There will be a variety of items on the board. Meat, fruits, slices of bread, and some garnishes to tickle your taste buds.

The main course of this dish is cheese. After all, it is called a cheese board. Because of all the varieties, it can easily satisfy the hungry stomach of all your guests. 

The French first created a cheese board back in the 15th century. It was a very important item for the noble families of France during that time. It still is a delicacy, but anyone can make, serve and eat it at their convenience.


How to Make a Cheese Board

When you look at a cheese board, the sheer number of items may confuse you, and it might look difficult to make. But it is pretty straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect cheese board.

1. Choose the Right Board

For starters, you will need a board. The boards are usually rectangular  and are made of varieties of food. The size depends on how many items you want to put on the board. 

Some people also prefer a round-shaped board. For an authentic cheese board experience, a large charcuterie board is a good choice. But if you do not have any special boards, you can use an ordinary cutting board or even a large slate board to get the job done.

2. Select a Variety of Cheese

If you think about it, there is no particular “Best” cheese. Any type of cheese can work just fine. Therefore, it all comes down to your preference. 

The different types of cheese include Aged (Aged Cheddar, and Gouda), Soft (Brie, Camembert, Goat), Firm (Manchego, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Edam), Blue (Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Stilton).

If you are wondering how to make your dish even more exquisite, include cheese from all of these types. A wide variety will offer more taste and diversity.

3. Pick a Wide Variety of Savories

Savories are ingredients that tingle your taste buds and bring water to your mouth, making you eager for more food. Some savories include black olive, pickles, roaster pepper, artichokes, etc. These savories are added to complement the rest of the ingredients in your dish. 

Just like cheese, it is best if you include a variety of savories instead of filling the dish with one or two types. The more variety you bring, the more appetizing your dish will look.

4. Add Some Sweet Fruits

Savories taste salty. To complement this, you need some sweet items. Instead of using actual sweets, it is best to use fruits. Natural fruits can remove the saltiness from your mouth and are full of nutrients.

The savories and the sweet fruits can make the whole dish very healthy. And once again, the more variety of fruits you add to your dish, the better it will taste. Some common fruits used in a cheese board are dried grapes, apples, banana slices. Other healthy natural sweeteners you can use are honey and sweet nuts.

5. Some Pieces of Meat

Meat is also a vital part of your dish. Picking the right meat will determine how enjoyable your dish is. The French were very creative when it came to using meat in this dish. Although you may not need anything fancy for your homemade dish, it does not hurt to get plain yet good quality meat. 

You can use chicken, beef salami if you want to be simple. Those who wish to be fancy and flashy can use prosciutto, chorizo, mortadella, etc.

6. Pick Different Types of Bread

A quality French dish centered on cheese must also have delicious pieces of bread. The best choice for a cheese board would be a baguette. The bread will be an excellent source of carb that you can enjoy with the meat and cheese. 

Make sure that the bread is fresh and soft. If the baguettes are old, they will become mushy, chewy and ruin your delicious cheese board.

However, you can use other types of bread too. Some alternatives you can use are breadsticks, a variety of crackers, tortillas, etc. You can even try making your own bread.

7. Top It off with Some Garnish

Now, to complete your dish, you can use some edible plants. After placing all the items on the wooden board, place these edible flowers and herbs on top of them. 

Some common edible flowers are Gaugamela, Karma Orchid, Dianthus, Butterfly Pea, etc. These flowers will also increase the overall aesthetics of your dish.

Additional Tips to Make Your Cheese Board Better

  1. Keep the cheese at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before creating the dish.
  2. Use various textures. For example, the bread will be smooth, while the crackers will be crispy. Include such variety in your dish to create a unique platter.
  3. Mark each cheese with corresponding labels. This way, everyone will know what they are eating. If anyone is allergic or does not want to eat a specific type of cheese, they can avoid it.

How to Decorate a Cheese Board

You can find almost all items in your local supermarket. How you present the dish depends on you. To create a simple cheese board, start by spreading the different types of cheese across the board. Surround the pieces of cheese with meat or nuts. 

Add some dried fruits to fill in the gaps. Add a mix of crackers on one side of the board and if you have a few small jars of sauces and chutneys, add these as well to make your board more colorful and appealing.

Final Thoughts

Making a cheese board is fun. You can add all your favorite foods in one place, and it looks great as well. Cheese boards are excellent dinner dishes and the next time you want to invite your friends or family for dinner, make sure to welcome them with a delicious cheese board.

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