Tips to Choosing Budget Flooring Options for Your Home in Brisbane

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Tips to Choosing Budget Flooring Options for Your Home in Brisbane



The aesthetics of a house’s interior greatly depends on the type of flooring used. While this may seem like an arbitrary statement, walk into a room with the wrong flooring installed, and you will realize how awkward it looks. In fact, the floor is arguably one of the most significant features of a house. Installing the right flooring will be far more visible than maybe adding a new set of cabinets. The type and color of the floor can determine how luxurious a room looks, on the other hand, it also has the ability to make a room feel shabby and congested.

Most homeowners in Brisbane tend to focus on other aspects of the decor instead of paying attention to the flooring. Even though this is a personal choice, we do suggest taking the initiative to deal with the floor first. This will instantly give you a platform to build upon and furnish or decorate the room according to the theme set by the floor. The city of Brisbane has an array of companies that specialize in floor design, installation, and maintenance. Residents of Brisbane can easily get these services and renovate their floors based on expert opinion. This article discusses the ideal tips for choosing the right flooring options for a house in Brisbane.

Budget Floor Types Available in Brisbane

With the advent of newer technologies, flooring options have also expanded. There was a time when wooden and tiled floors were the norm. However, if you have the opportunity to check the interiors of a few houses in Brisbane, you will be surprised at the variety of flooring you will come across. The options are there, and it is up to you to choose the ideal flooring for your home.


Arguably the most popular form of flooring in Brisbane, a hardwood floor is a treat for the eye. The aristocratic vibe it can produce in a room is almost unmatched by any other type of floor. The biggest advantage of installing a hardwood floor is the ability to retain a fresh look by sanding it every few months. Professional floor experts can be hired within the city to sand the wooden floors. Brisbane Timber Floors provides a wide range of floor sanding and interior flooring solutions. Even if you are aiming for a DIY hardwood installation, these experts can guide you through it and finish the job in case you need professional assistance.

The best use of hardwood floors is in the posh locations of a house. Bedrooms and living rooms are ideal. These places do not experience too much foot traffic, keeping the wooden floor free from physical damage. Hardwood is not immune to moisture. Apply it in places like the kitchen at your own risk! Based on data from HomeAdvisor, the cost of one square foot of hardwood flooring ranges between $3 to $14. The costs are reasonable, and the choice is yours!


Vinyl is relatively less popular than hardwood flooring but is a terrific choice for people on a limited budget. The material is slightly flexible, making it feel soft to the touch. However, this does not indicate fragility. In fact, vinyl is very resilient and is highly durable.

There is a wide variety of vinyl flooring available in the markets these days. They are very simple to install or replace and are incredibly easy for cleaning. Cleaning a vinyl floor is also convenient. Vinyl floors eliminate some of the biggest problems associated with hardwood flooring. For instance, vinyl flooring can be installed in your washroom or kitchen without worrying about water damages. On top of that, you can choose a woody texture and first-time visitors will have a hard time realizing that the floor is actually vinyl, not hardwood.

The biggest disadvantage of vinyl flooring is that these are quite prone to scratches. Move a chair, and you might be left bewildered at the fissure it caused on the floor. Furthermore, vinyl can not be sanded. In case a certain portion of the floor is damaged, it will need to be replaced. The price of a square foot of vinyl may range between $0.5 to $5.


Laminate floors are relatively new in the world of flooring. These are manufactured by covering plywood with a thin layer of veneer. An image is placed right below the top layer, making it possible to implement any form of design on a laminate tile. In fact, these can be installed right on top of the existing flooring in a house, without the need for any adhesives.

One of the benefits of using laminate is its scratch-proof nature. It is also quite easy to clean. DIY enthusiasts love working with it due to the ease of installation and maintenance. However, there are certain disadvantages as well. Laminate is vulnerable to getting wet, so it is suggested not to use it in moist places. It also can not be repaired but requires complete replacement if damaged. Though it is very cheap in comparison with its competitors. A square foot of vinyl costs as little as less than a dollar.

How to Choose the Right Floor for Your Brisbane Home?

By now, we believe, you have a good idea of the types of flooring that you can choose from. However, there are several factors that affect the floor type, which should be considered seriously. Installing the wrong flooring can lead you into a world of trouble. The cost of removing the existing floor and replacing it with a different type can be atrocious. Below is a detailed list of factors you should keep in mind while at it.


The location is crucial when determining the ideal type of floor for a room. Certain sectors of a house, like the front entrance area or foyer, require flooring that is highly durable and is strong against tough, physical impacts. The bathrooms need water-resistant flooring as they would remain wet for most parts of the day. So, installing wooden flooring in such utility rooms is a bad call as you will soon start incurring unwanted expenses.

Bedrooms, however, do not require extremely sturdy flooring. Aesthetics are usually preferred in these areas. People usually like to stay barefoot in their bedrooms, which makes carpet a fine choice for them. However, if the house is situated in a hot and humid region, the bedrooms can also be tiled like the foyer areas. 

It is essential to understand the features of different floor types. This would enable you to choose the best one depending on the room, and save you from future setbacks. It is to be noted that, regardless of the quality of the flooring, they do start fading over time. The same carpet would look shabby after a few years of use when compared to its initial condition at the time of installation.


As mentioned earlier, durability is a key aspect that needs to be considered while making floor installation decisions. Certain factors like the warranty of the material, the ease of replacement, and the introduction of future trends need to be taken seriously. Some people opt for floor installation because they are on the lookout for potential buyers. In such cases, it is the overall look and not the durability, that is the prime concern.

Floor maintenance is also an important deciding factor. Particular types of floors are hard to clean or may get permanently scratched if washed vigorously. Some attract a lot of dust and stains due to the nature of the material. All these effects need to be considered. After all, installing new flooring is a big decision, and thus, all related factors should be taken into consideration.


If you go shopping for flooring materials, chances are, you will be overwhelmed by the wide assortment of options in front of you. Ranging from cheap vinyl sheets to glamorous carpets, you will see it all. We suggest you fix a budget based on prior research and explore the choices accordingly. Do not be distracted by anything that costs more than your budget. Although you can certainly go for it, the best course of action is to keep hold of some cash to cover any unwanted expenses that you may incur while the floor installation rolls on.

You can also go for gradual, step-by-step renovation if the budget is too tight. Replace the floor that you would be using the most or the one that will get the most exposure. Make sure you plan your actions properly. This will minimize the risk of exceeding the budget while there is still work left to do.

Resale Value

We have already mentioned that some homeowners plan home renovation in order to increase its value for sale. A beautiful and elegant-looking house will cost significantly higher than an old, unsightly property – even though the floor size and available utilities remain the same.

Thus, installing classy flooring in the interior of your home will increase its resale value. Even if you are not looking to sell it in your lifetime, there may come a day when you just might. Potential buyers may have many preferences. Do your research. People living in the Brisbane area often go for the hardwood floor when looking for a new property to acquire or move in. If you reside in the city, it might not be a bad idea to install some stylish, hardwood flooring. Chances are, you might get an offer that you can not refuse!


There are multiple ways to install and maintain fresh, new flooring for the interior of your house. In fact, you can even make your own floor cleaner to sustain its lofty standards. All you need to know is the right type of flooring that will go along with your needs. This article was an attempt to give you some insight into that!

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