A Room By Room Guide To Packing Your House For Moving

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You are ready for your big California move. You have read everything there is to know about the Golden State, you have searched the internet for packing hacks and tips, and you are excited to embark on your new life in the glorious and majestic California. However, the time comes to pack, and you find yourself at a loss. Which room to pack first? Which last? And how do you go about packing each individual room?

Well, worry not. As expert California movers, we know precisely the logistics behind a successful and stress-free move. Click here for a more comprehensive list of our long-distance moving services, and keep on reading to find out how to pack each room.

Getting Your Kitchen Ready

Starting with your kitchen is paramount since it is, admittedly, the most challenging room of all to pack. Packing your kitchen can be difficult and a test of your patience and diligence since so many large and small objects need to be packed. Moreover, most of them are fragile (like wine glasses), some are dangerously sharp (like butcher knives), and all of them are awkward to pack.

First, select the correct type of boxes for each item you plan on packing. Large boxes are ideal for lightweight and hard-to-pack items. These could be dish racks, baking tins, plastic kitchenware, etc.

Medium boxes should be used for heavier items such as small kitchen electric appliances, pots, and pans.

Heavy-duty boxes are perfect for protecting your fragile items.

Then pack items not frequently used, wine, liquor, and other unopened bottles. Next, pack each drawer and shelf in a separate box and label each package with the items it contains. Finally, use larger objects as nesting for smaller ones, and use bubble wrap and old newspapers to protect objects that may break.

It is crucial to select a few objects that you will need right away when you arrive at your new home and pack them separately in a distinctly marked box.

Moving Your Bathroom

Fortunately, the bathroom does not have any large furnishings that need to be moved, but it can turn out to be a lot more complicated than anticipated, especially given the number of drawers, bins, shower caddies, and so on that need to be emptied and carefully packed. Patiently go through all the toiletries, ointments, prescription medicines, hair, and skin products, and decide which ones are worthy of packing up and moving along with you.

Pick your toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, and shampoo and keep them separately in your overnight bag. You will not have the energy to search for these essentials once you set foot in your new home. You will feel drained and exhausted, definitely in need of a shower, so make sure that you keep these essentials handy and not packed away in a box.

Moving Your Bedroom

When moving your bedroom, you need to start with your closet first. Clothes are easy to pack, so you should not seriously stress over them. However, we do tend to hoard old clothes and forget what we stash at the back of the wardrobe. So start early and see how many forgotten and old-fashioned garments you can find. Then, make a plan to either donate them or sell them along with other items you have no intention of carrying all the way with you to California.

Your bed and mattress should be appropriately wrapped in protective bubble wrap and carefully disassembled before loading them on the truck. Shades, lamps, and picture frames can go in the boxes.

Moving Your Living Room

This is one overwhelming room to handle. There are so many different objects of varying sizes, some of them fragile, some of them highly bulky, that you will not know where to begin. Start with packing up books in medium-sized boxes. Do not fall into the trap of packing the books in oversized packages, as it will get too heavy and impossible to move. Then pack your electronics and various decorative items, picture frames, candles, lampshades, and everything else that makes your living room the heart of your home.

Moving Your Office

As more and more people work from home, the office room has become a necessity in most houses. Moving bookkeeping files, electronics, medical and insurance records is not a task to be approached lightly. They are all essential documents, and if you are self-employed, these documents become critical. So take extra care when packing your office. It is ok if you leave a stapler behind. But important work documents? Well, not so much.

Moving to a new house, and relocating your entire life, can be a daunting task. You want to pack up everything that will turn your new house into a home and take extra care that nothing is damaged or lost along the way.

It is a great idea to get the help of professional moving companies when planning a big move across the border to a new state. However, be extra careful of fraudulent moving companies. Read this article here to help you spot a moving scam.

Whether you decide to hire professional movers or decide to DIY your move, you will still have to sort through your belongings and pack up yourself. So, be sure to follow our room-by-room guide to packing up your house for moving.