Ricotta and Spinach Pasta
Main Meatless Meal
  • 1 Cup of Ricotta ( Make you own at home -Check Budget Savvy Diva.com for the recipe )
  • ½ Pound of Cooked Pasta - I love using whole wheat linguine
  • ½ teaspoon of pepper
  • ⅓ Cup of Parmesan Cheese
  • 10 oz of Chopped Spinach - defrosted and drained of excess liquid)
  • Olive Oil - Optional
  1. Optional - add a little oil to the hot cooked pasta
  2. Combine all the other ingredients together over low heat - cooked pasta, pepper, ricotta, Parmesan Cheese; spinach. Once everything is well mixed together you are done - takes about 3 minutes
  3. I find there is enough salt from the cheeses that any extra salt is overkill
  4. Top with a little extra Parmesan cheese if you like
  5. Enjoy! This is perfect meal for "Meatless Mondays"
Recipe by Budget Savvy Diva at https://www.budgetsavvydiva.com/2013/01/ricotta-spinach-pasta-recipe/