Bacon Lollipops Recipe
  • Bacon ( Any Type - I chose Turkey to cut down on fat) - cut each strip in half length-wise
  • Lollipop sticks ( I found mine at Michaels)
  1. Poke a hole in the middle lengthwise in uncooked bacon with a lollipop stick
  2. The hole will be the bottom of your heart - on a large skillet (over medium heat) arrange your hearts.
  3. Making the heart shape takes a little practice - simply use the hole as the bottom of the heart - the two sides go up and fold under and meet together.
  4. Cook bacon well -- the two ends should fuse together well.
  5. Place the lollipop stick into the hole and push it up until the bacon heart is secure on the stick
  6. Enjoy!
Recipe by Budget Savvy Diva at