Money Saving Tips if You Don’t Like to Cook

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If you don’t like to cook you likely find yourself eating out or ordering a lot more than your budget would like. Eating at home can save you tons on your food budget but it can be scary for those who don’t like or feel they can’t cook. Check out these great ideas to help you time and money by making meals for yourself.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to get super fancy just because you want to cook at home. Keep your meals simple and you will save time, money and possibly the headache of trying to plan those fancy meals. Just have a protein, carb and a veggie on the plate and your set.

Convenience Foods

Don’t feel like just because you cook at home means you have to buy fresh veggies and every spice for your cabinet. You can by some ready-to-cook meals at the grocery store and still save money over eating out. Or grab frozen or canned veggies and pre-marinated meats to save you time and money as well.

Make Multiple Meals

There are tons of different recipes that take time to make, but you can make more than one, freeze the rest, and save tons of time down the road. Some favorites to try this with are lasagna, enchiladas and casseroles.


There are some people who just don’t like to eat leftovers. They are a great way to save time and money on your food budget during the week. Make a double batch of whatever you are eating and eat once on Monday and again another night of the week. You will find that certain recipes warm up better than others but most will work great for a second meal. They also can make great lunches if you bring lunch to work.

Help from Kitchen Tools

If you don’t like to cook be sure to learn how to use some of the great kitchen tools available, like the slow cooker. You can literally throw in some items in the morning and dinner is ready when you get home. There are tons of recipes to find online.