8 Reasons Why PHP Is Still So Important for Web Development

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You’re about to hire PHP developers but don’t know why PHP is still important for web development? Sometimes it feels like PHP is too old to still be such a crucial part of your website, and it simply does not make sense to hire so many PHP developers. Why do you really need it, and is it still relevant in 2021? 


Of course, it is! And in this article, we’ll tell you the eight reasons PHP is still so trendy: 


8 Reasons Why PHP Is Still So Important 


1) It is easy 


One of the main reasons so many of your friends decided to become backend developers and started an online PHP course is because PHP is truly easy to learn and use. 


If you are completely new to the world of programming, starting with PHP can be a good choice, as you’ll figure it all out pretty quickly. Even without having a very deep knowledge of the language, you could create a web page with one PHP file in a pretty short time. 


Both syntax and the command functions are easy to learn, so PHP stays as one of the favorite languages of beginner programmers. 


2) It is free! 


Another good reason to love PHP is the fact that it’s completely free! It does not take a penny to start your PHP development journey – you can install it in minutes and start coding right away! The famous PHP frameworks, such as Symfony and Laravel, can also be accessed effortlessly. 


Another good thing about PHP is the fact that it is open source and any developer can contribute to it. This means you can expect a lot of helpful tools to be offered from the community of PHP developers, which bring us to our next point: 


4) It has a big community of supporters 


PHP is loved by developers, and the large community of PHP developers and supporters stands as valid proof. What this means for PHP developers, is that at any given time they can search for or ask a question regarding their problem, and find a solution right away! If you skim through the Internet, you’ll find hundreds of PHP tutorials, tips and tricks for PHP development, FAQs, and so on. You can also find useful advice from Reddit or Quora. Whatever it is, the community will always have your back! 


5) It is versatile


The major advantage of PHP over other languages is its versatility. PHP is an independent platform, which means that it can be easily used on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It is also supported on all the major web browsers. You won’t have to think about the web servers either because it smoothly works on the list of large servers, so you’ll get to deploy it without spending much effort. 


This versatility allows you to save a pretty big budget that otherwise you would spend on additional costs. So, it means PHP is also pretty affordable! 


6)It is connected with the database  


With PHP, securely connecting to any kind of database is effortless. And when you don’t have to think about the connection itself, you have the freedom to choose whichever database suits the needs of your application the best. 


7) It has been tested


PHP has been tested in very different real-life environments during these couple of decades. So the main bugs are already fixed, and you can be sure it is a pretty stable language. On top of it all, there are hundreds of tools and frameworks that you can use to make PHP even more efficient and secure. 


8) It can be trusted 


Finally, PHP can be trusted because hundreds of credible websites have used it during the development process. Why? Well because it allows making updates easier, compared to other similar languages. Which are some big brands that used PHP? Well, Facebook and WordPress, just to name the two of the long list of brands. So, if the biggest companies in the world can trust PHP, it means you can trust it too! 


So, yes: PHP is still enjoying the love and admiration of backend developers. And it certainly will not go anywhere, anytime soon. So find a good PHP developer, and get the work done!