All Jarred Up Review

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Very Very Berry (small)

To me there is nothing better then homemade pie. But to get that you either has to make it yourself or pay a LARGE amount of money (not budget savvy!). So when I heard about All Jarred Up, I was super excited. All Jarred Up is a new Southern California pie and dessert company, founded by Teri Hiles. All Jarred Up is the perfect way to have the freshness of the bakery shipped right to your door.

All Jarred Up currently carries oh so many yummy goodies: mixed berry pie, apple pie, pear pie, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies, caramel and chocolate sauces.

I was super excited to be able to try such a gourmet treat! And boy was I blown away. I received Mixed Berries with crumbles! First off the packaging is adorable! I love the fact that she included ways to use the glass jars after you have enjoyed the yummy treat. For the dessert itself was full of aromas, it really reminded me a Christmas with the cinnamon. The pie itself was hands-down delicious.

These yummy treats come in half pint or a pint. These are perfect for gifts for others are a gift for you!