Media Coverage of Yoplait’s Fiber One with Hungry Girl Event

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I had the opportunity this past weekend to taste Yoplait’s Fiber One Yogurt at an event with Lisa Lillien – Hungry Girl. Yoplait’s Fiber One which has Hungry Girl’s Seal of Approval is a delicious and good for you snack that only has 50 calories in each serving plus it is fat free and 5 grams of fiber, 20% of your recommended daily intake! I was able to try both I’ve never been the biggest yogurt person so I was surprised to find that I liked it. I tried 2 flavors–Strawberry and Key Lime Pie. The Key Lime was shockingly great! But it was all about Strawberry for Budget Savvy Diva. Both the yogurts were good enough that I could not tell that there was added fiber or that it was diet!

Budget Savvy Diva trying the Yogurt
I was also able to ask the Hungry Girl herself some frugal questions!!
Yoplait Giving Out Samples
What is your go-to Budget Food for on the go?
    “Vitatops and string cheese”
Do you use coupons?
“Of course I use coupons; there are so many coupons out there nowadays. Plus who does not like getting something for FREE!”
What would you consider a budget-friendly and waist- happy meal?
“Tofu noodles for sure, perhaps with some broccoli”
Do you consider yourself a bargain hunter?
“Oh yes! I love a good bargain”
Are you planning on coming out with a Budget- Savvy Hungry Girl Cookbook:
“Not right now, but it is a great idea”
Budget Savvy Diva interviewing Hungry Girl
Talking about coupons, head over to Fiber one web site , where there are always updated coupons. Plus I was told to keep my eyes peeled for some Yoplait’s Fiber One Yogurt coupons coming out soon! Keep you posted.
Budget Savvy Diva was compensated for attending this event, but her thoughts are 100% hers!