Money Savvy Tip: Redbox for DVD Rentals

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Redbox for DVD Rentals
Looking for ways to reduce your entertainment expense? At only $1 per night for current release movie rentals, Redbox is a great resource!
 If you are unfamiliar with Redbox, here’s the scoop…  
·         Rent current release DVD’s for $1 per night.  Be careful though, if you don’t return them right away, you’ll be charged $1 for each day you have the movie.  Good news is that this doesn’t continue indefinitely. They stop charging you after $25 and then it’s yours to keep. 
·         New movies are added every Tuesday.
·         They are typically located in most McDonald’s, some Walmarts, and a few grocery stores. 
·         You can look online at for the locations closest to you.  You can also search for which movies are available at each location.  It saves you the time and hassle of driving to different places if the movie you want isn’t available.  To that end, you can also rent a movie online.  This isn’t the same as Netflix where it downloads to your computer.  It is really just a hold at the machine so no one else will rent your movie before you can drive over there.  You still need to go to the machine to pick it up after you rent it. 
·         You can buy used DVD’s from Redbox machines for only $5!  This is my favorite feature of Redbox – New release movies with just a few miles on them that you can get for 75% off what you’d pay retail.  This option is not offered at all locations, so you may need to search around.  I always look at the “for sale” movies first – for an extra $4, we can buy it and then I don’t have to worry about returning it!  We bought Transformers this way and definitely got our money’s worth.  However, I think more people are using this feature because when I checked the “for sale” ones at the location near me last week, there wasn’t a very good selection. 
·         You can return a movie to any Redbox.  There is no need to return the movie to the Redbox you rented it from.  Think road trip…  Rent a movie at the beginning of the trip and then exchange it along the way when you stop at McDonalds.  Huge selection of movies without having to pack any!
Happy movie watching! 
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