Am I Being Scammed?? – 5 Things Bulgulars Look For

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I love this new series on Budget Savvy Diva called – Am I Being Scammed – you work hard to save money and I want to make sure you keep it.


I came across a VERY interesting article about what burglars look for – to make YOU their TARGET. These come from REAL criminals – some are shocking – a must read – share it with everyone you know to make sure that they are safe from this.

5 Things That Burglars Look For


1. Many times the person that steals from you have previously worked in your house – cleaning your carpets or repair man. Many times people who work in your house give the information ( like how to get in, what electronics you have, etc. ) to a friend or relative – for a kickback. So make sure you research who you allow into you home.m


2. Newspapers in the Driveway. We all know if we will be out of town to have neighbors to collect the daily newspaper – a big pile of newspaper screams that you are vacation. BUT did you know many burglars leave pizza ad’s on the door step – this give them a chance to look into your window and most likely that your neighbor will forget to pick up the pizza advertisement. A pile of pizza ads are as bad as a pile of newspapers.


3. Nice Flowers. Many times burglars look at your flowers as a indication of what you have in your house. Nice flowers and landscaping means you have nice taste – chances are you have nice things inside as well. They will put your house on a list to hit when you leave for vacation.


4. May I use your bathroom – You might not think twice letting a person working on your house to use your bathroom – but they may be taking the time to open the bathroom window – easy way to get in later.


5. Where to Put Alarms : A good security company alarms the window over the sink. And the windows on the second floor, which often access the master bedroom—and your jewelry. It’s not a bad idea to put motion detectors up there too.


Make sure to read next week – I will tell you what burglars do in kid’s rooms…..