STOP Paying SO MUCH – Buying a CAR

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This series is one of my favorites here at Budget Savvy Diva – each week I explore a topic were you are most likely paying way to much – and I let you know how to save some “green”

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Today I look at Car Dealers:

1) Car Dealers try and “butter” you up to land a good deal. I remember when I bought my last car the car salesmen told me how “pretty” my hair was – I quickly told him that I appreciated his compliment but this was NOT a salon but a car dealership so lets talk about cars. Remember – you are there to buy a car not a compliment.

2) Do you homework: It took me a couple of months to determine what new car I needed. Think about what you will not only need a year from now but 5 – 10 years from now.

3) Be willing to Travel – what I mean is that the price for cars are usually much cheaper the farther you are away from cities – I lowered the cost of my car by 3000 simply by driving an extra 30 minutes – not to shabby.

4) Schedule an Appointment – The best time to go and buy a car is mid -week. The salesmen will not try and rush you – and you can get ALL those questions answered.

5) Promotions: We all know Budget Savvy Diva LOVES sales – anything that says clearance ( I am THERE) – but many times these promotions at car dealerships are just a way to push you into a sale. Just think if I miss this sale… another one will come around soon enough.

Hope you have learned a couple news ways to save while buying a car 🙂