*Brag Stockpile Photo Of The Day* – Games, Games, and MORE Games

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Picture is from Reader Theresa.

This is Theresa biggest Haul EVER!!!
This is what she said:

” I went to walmart and gave them the big lots ad for $5 games and they honored it on all Hasbro games regardless of price. My purchase would have totaled over $2100.00 (games ranged from $15-30 so average was $20 per game) but with 105 games only $5 and then I had 105 coupons ranging from $3-5 dollars, I bought them all for less than $80 tax included. That is a savings of over $2000.00. Biggest haul of my life! (I could only get so many in my picture taken with a phone) but just wanted to give you an idea”

What do you think of this game stockpile?

If you have a stockpile photo please send them to [email protected]


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    • robbin

      i have 7 children and 6 grandbabies that many games in a big family doesnt go very far … and with kids in school and b-day parties wont last very long

  • robbin

    i tried to comp big lots at our wal mart one manager said yes but next day different manager said no they will not comp big lots i am sad lol i missed out

  • Amanda

    enough with the ‘she better be donating’ & ‘hording’ comments! you dont know what she plans on doing it with them and its none of your business if she plans on donating them or not. she may be, she may not be. maybe she has 13 bothers and sisters like my husband does along and a spouse with 5 brothers and sisters like i do and 14 nieces and nephews not to mention all the friends kids that would all love their very own board game. so again, DONT JUDGE!!!


  • Savanah Fahrney-Day

    I think its sad how many people have to respond with a negative comment.

    I think that was a great deal. I know I could use them with my huge family (especially since we are doing TV-free nights at my house once a week now).

  • Trisha

    Regardless of what she is does with them, as long as she didn’t clean off the shelf (cause I cant stand that), then I bow to her achievement.. YEAH for Ms. Theresa.. Good Job Girl.

  • Lisa

    I bet you she did clear the shelves. There isn’t any more board games around. I went to get some for my 1st grade classroom and to much of my dismay…GONE!

  • Derek

    I don’t understand on how she could get this deal. I’m looking at the Big lots ad right know and it says (Extreme Value: boxed games featuring toy story 3 operation game. assortment varies by store compare to $19.99. Each $5) No where does it state that any/all Hasbro games are on sale for $5. I went to my local Wal-Mart and asked about this and they stated that they would only honor the price for the items pictured but it was still a gray area since the ad only stated the operation game. Please explain. But anyways great job!

  • chris m

    That is really a fantastic job!! I just have one question….which Walmart did you go to? I know the one by me won’t take 103 coupons. That would be great gifts for Christmas, birthday, and donations!!

  • Charlotte

    That’s awesome!!! Congrats!! Your Walmart let you use 105 coupons of the same kind? I really need to shop at your Walmart, mine sucks!!

  • Larry

    I work for walmart your a coupon abuser you are the reason why we are very strict at our store there is no way you would have gotten to use that many at most stores in that fashion YOU give the normal couponers a BAD name exploiting the system I hope one day that EXTREME couponing is outlawed or limited

    coupons are meant to advertise and or help people save a few bucks not RAPE the system there was a man in my local city arrested for stealing coupons from the news stands boxes hod did you get so many coupons either taking a lot of paper that were not yours or scan and copy (which is theft) I know you didnt pay for 105 coupons so your “great deal” some how was in the wrong

    THANK YOU for adding to my HATE of extreme couponing

    • Oh yeah

      Thank you!! You hit it right on the bullseye here! That’s the reason why I have so many freaking problems at Walmart because of people like this. Literally I can walk in using 6 coupons (different) and get a negative response. I work so hard on being a good couponer but I’ve made mistakes not perfect all the time. It just sucks to know what you work so hard for goes down the drain because of stuff like this. This is why it makes me so angry!

    • ashley

      I am sure you are one of the “AWESOME” cashiers at Walmart we all know to avoid. You have no idea where she got the coupons from. Maybe people from her church, neighborhood etc gave her their coupons because she was participating in some type of toy drive/donation program…who cares. …. she got great deals on games and it’s only her business what she plans on doing with them. The store is paid a certain amount per coupon and isn’t losing any money…so why the negativity? You might want to tell your managers at Walmart to be able to remember the rules/regs of their coupon policy since they can never all give the same answer…

  • Sheryl

    I was in freds the other day and a lady was attempting to coupon. They wouldn’t take all her coupons and I heard the manager say after “can you believe that woman was trying to get those items for free”! What difference does it make to the stores as they get their money back from the manufacturer!?

  • Oh yeah

    Oh yeah haha…is this the same Theresa that was being rude on the other brag pic?? Saying that the girl was mis-using coupons?? If so, I think this is so funny because it looks like you have coupon fraud going on here. How did you get 105 coupons of the same kind?? Did you happen to scan one coupon on your printer and make 105 copies? Seems pretty fishy to me. I was thinking great job but I can almost guarantee you cleared the shelf too with your greed. That’s why when others need just one game for their child while it’s on sale can’t buy one. The shelves are cleared because ONE person came in and bought 105 games. I mean seriously? This is the type of stuff that pees me off because it’s hard to find so many products anymore because of people like you clearing the shelves, mis-using, or committing fraud. You really make it hard for the ones out there who are trying to be honest and save their families money. The ones who only want to get a maxium of 5 products free or cheap. The ones who make sure they don’t clear the shelves because they actually have respect for others. Now Theresa if you really did do this the right way I do apologize. It’s just so hard to see that right now without you telling us. I’m not trying to be a hater because trust me I’m really happy to see anyone save money for their families. I even pass coupons to strangers to help them save on something they might have in their cart or might need later on. I just don’t like seeing stuff like this!

  • Kristin

    You can get more than one coupon WITHOUT scanning it, I dont understand everyone saying thats the only way to get more than one coupon. Umm, how about buy more than one paper, plus getting papers from friends/family, plus getting them from people who clip coupons since there are many sites that do single coupons or whole inserts.
    While I do NOT agree with clearing shelves, I cannot STAND when people do this especially when I only have a few coupons for something, go in and there is NOTHING left. Some couponers just need to learn how to go to different stores and not use all of their coupons in ONE store.

  • Nikki

    I think this is awesome, no matter what she plans on doing with them all.

    Apparently those who don’t know what they are talking about need to keep their mouth shut. These coupons DID come in the Sunday paper OR maybe she traded for them.