Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

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Hi All!!!

I will be doing a few videos leading up to Black Friday 🙂 I really want to help each of you save as much as you can this Black Friday

So enjoy the video. I really like the video format because I am able to express the tips better 🙂

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  • Cali

    I think I am skipping Black Friday this year. The lines, the crowds… aren’t missing anything. I am going to take a mini vaca for the weekend (spend time with the kiddos) away from the crazy people and hit up my computer on Cyber Monday for the first time this year. We shall see what happens! 🙂

    PS it’s funny how Watson always makes his way in your videos. So cute.

  • Ellen H

    I am a total online and deal shopper and my shopping is honestly just about done, but I love Black Friday. I think it is the whole tradition of shopping with my mom and getting into the holiday mode. With that said, I see Kohl’s is doing their Black Friday deals online starting Wednesday and I am totally taking advantage of that so I can just enjoy my Black Friday shopping and not stress through it.

  • Rae

    I feel like Cyber Monday is better if you want to try and get a big deal (i.e. electronics), but I love Black Friday. My mom and I always get up early and hit up stores that are pretty close together, and we just make a fun day of helping each other find cool deals. Usually we’ll come home around 11am and then my boyfriend and I will go out to find gifts for our parents. We don’t really have the space to easily stockpile gifts all year, so we tend not to shop much unless we’re grocery shopping, so it’s pretty exciting to physically go to the store and pick out things that we usually won’t even look at the rest of the year. I guess Black Friday is just a tradition that helps us get into the holiday spirit 🙂