Great Ways to Reuse Plastic Shopping Bags

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If you are bad at grabbing the reusable shopping bags when you head to the grocery store, make yourself feel better by checking out these great way to use those plastic bags instead of just throwing them out.

Bathroom Trashcans

One of my favorite way to reuse plastic shopping bags is to use them as liners for our smaller bathroom trash cans. I hate spending money on the small trash bags when these work just as well.

Pet Poop Picker Upper

If you have a dog, plastic grocery bags are a great solution for picking up after them when walking. Don’t spend money on special bags.

Cat Litter Disposal

If you have a cat, the plastic bags are perfect for scooping out the litter clumps. If the bags are big enough, you may be able to use them to actually line the litter tray.

Wet Clothes

If you spend time swimming whether at the beach, the lake or the pool, keep some plastic bags on hand to keep your wet clothes separate from everything else in your bag.

Packing Material

Save up your plastic bags and use them as packing material when you have to ship breakable items. This will stop you from having to buy packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

Paint Tray Covers

If you have a big painting project planned, be sure to save those plastic bags handy. You can use them to line the trays of paint for quick and easy clean up.

Sick Bag

If your kids, or anyone in your family, suffers from car sickness, be sure to keep a couple bags in the glove box in case of a sick emergency.

Keep Your Feet Dry

If you are headed out in the snow or rain, keep some extra plastic bags in your car to help keep your feet dry.

Storing Food

If you have a large bowl or watermelon that you need to cover in the fridge, grab a plastic bag. Easier to use and cheaper than using cling wrap.