Getting Rid of Garden Pests On the Cheap

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Wood chair in the flowers garden./ Wood chair in the flowers garden on summer.

I love to work in my garden. But I hate garden pests that can invade my garden space from time to time. And store bought remedies can be expensive. Here are some cheap ways to get rid of those garden pests besides calling pest pros to deal with them.


If snails or slugs are your garden issue, you can use eggshells to keep them away. Clean your used eggshells and once dry break them up into very small pieces. Spread around and under your plant. Snails and slugs do not like the sharp edges and will stay away.


Cornmeal is great for getting rid of both ants and weeds. Ants will carry it back to their homes and once eaten they will not be able to digest the cornmeal and will starve to death. To use cornmeal to fight weeds, use it when you first plant the garden as it stops certain weeds from sprouting, but will not do anything to already existing weeds.

Soap Stakes

If deer are what you are looking to deter from your plants, take some fabric scraps and tie them to the top of some stakes. Tie to the end of the fabric pieces of Irish Spring Bar Soap and place them in various spots throughout your yard or garden to keep the deer away.

Hair Clippings

As crazy as it sounds, hair clippings will help keep animals like deer, rabbits and snails out of your garden. Just mix the clippings into your garden to keep these pests away.

DIY Insect Spray

Insects invading your garden? You can make a DIY insect spray with items you likely already have on hand around the house. Mix together 2 cloves of garlic, 3 cups of mint leaves, cayenne pepper and dish soap (biodegradable works best). Spray this mixture on the leaves of your plants to keep the bugs away.

What tips do you have for keeping common garden pests away?