Small Things to Save Money

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We all love to save money where we can, but sometimes it can seem a little daunting. So here are some small and simple things you can do to save money every day.

Buy generic whenever you can.
Downgrade your cable.
Water your lawn a little less.
Keep tires inflated. Air is normally free and it saves on gas.
Lower the thermostat in your house (if even a couple degrees).
Cancel newspaper or magazine subscriptions unless you really read them. Many are available online for free.
Use Coupons whenever you can. will tell you where gas is cheapest.
Collect rain water to water indoor and outdoor plants.
Pay your bills on time and avoid the late fees.
Pay credit cards in full each month (and avoid those interest payments)
Reuse your dryer sheets.
Lower the temperature of your hot water heater.
Cook at home instead of eating out.
Buy in bulk (but only if you are sure you will use it all).
When eating out, drink water. All those sodas and other drinks really add up.
Stop the impulse buying.
When grocery shopping, check out the per ounce or per pound pricing. Bigger isn’t always cheaper, especially when using coupons.
Shop around for a new cell phone plan next time your contract is up.
Look into a cheaper hobby.
Check out your local library instead of buying books. (Or the free eBooks are great!)
Libraries also have movies! (Lots of people don’t know that.)
Only run a full dishwasher.
Take your lunch instead of buying (if even a couple days a week).
Make your own coffee (if even a few times a week).
Shorten your showers.
Turn off your lights when not in the room.
Drink at home with friends instead of going out to bars.
Try looking for cheaper car insurance.
Get a window insulation kit during the winter.

What are your favorite ways to save money?