10 useful tips for students on how to manage time after childbirth

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For many women, one of the most important things in life is striking a balance between their drive to get an education, and their passion for starting a family. Thankfully, as time goes on, it becomes more and more of a possibility for women to do so, and they are no longer forced to decide between dedicating themselves to either their career goals or housekeeping. 


Many women are now choosing to achieve this balance by starting a family while still going through their studies or going back to work on obtaining a degree after they’ve had a child. While this is an ambitious and admirable pursuit, it need not be stressful. Having a child means a radical change in how you prioritize your daily activities, and will, of course, require a great deal of adjustments. Luckily, there are many effective time-saving tips for which new mothers can follow to maximize time efficiency and minimize the stress of going back to school after childbirth. A busy mom is not ashamed to seek help from specialized services for writing various student papers. Especially now the online market is abounding in essay writing companies. This way you can free up time for household chores and taking care of the child. Here’s a list of 10 useful tips for new parents that will alleviate time-induced stress and allow you to get the most out of your studies while reaping all the joyful rewards of being a new parent. 

  1. Weekly meal plans

Anyone who’s been in charge of a household knows how much unexpected time can be taken up by planning what to feed everybody. Instead of having to dedicate time and planning to this each and every day, it helps to create weekly meal plans that you can do the shopping for in advance. Knowing what you’re going to have for each meal alleviates the burden of planning and gives a much-needed sense of structure to a period of time, which can be rather chaotic! 

  1. Shared calendars 

If you’re one of the many moms having a baby while still going through education, creating a shared calendar with your partner is a great way of organising and dividing parental responsibilities without having to dedicate a whole lot of time to explaining your plans and commitments to one another. Creating a color-coded online calendar allows you both to check when your partner needs you to take care of the child and allows you to set out your scheduling priorities. 

  1. Online study tools 

The added responsibilities of a new child leaves many student parents with a lot less time to write large papers like their dissertation. New parents asking themselves how to do my dissertation uk can thankfully use services where they pay for dissertation writing. Using a service where you can hire someone to write my dissertation is one major time-saving action that many new parents are turning to in order to be able to spend stress-free time with their newborns, all without sacrificing their education!

  1. Sharing childcare duties

Finding a community of other parents who are in need of childcare is a great way to create a group that can share responsibility for looking after the kids. Creating a rotation system between parents means that you can free up several days a week to dedicate towards your learning while saving money on childcare expenses. 

  1. Create a chore list

With the combined responsibilities of pursuing your education and raising a child, it’s important not to lose sight of household responsibilities. A clean and organized living environment is both good for children and essential for an effective learning environment. Creating a chore list can help you and your co-parent easily keep track of what needs to be done around the house to maintain order.


  1. Designate a working space

With the addition of a new baby at home, sometimes it can be hard to separate your mind from parenting and focus on your work. Creating a designated workspace in the home is one way to help clear your mind and shorten the amount of time it takes to transition from mother mode to work mode, giving relief to mothers wondering to themselves how to write my dissertation uk wide.

  1. Online shopping

We may not realize it, but the time that it takes to go to the shop for groceries can take a valuable chunk of time out of the day. By switching to regular online shopping for the essentials you know you’ll need, like nappies and wipes, you can prevent yourself from losing time to emergency dashes to the local supermarket by having everything delivered hassle-free right to your doorstep.

  1. Stockpile milk

New parents know how inconvenient it can be when you’re in the middle of a task and have to drop everything to feed a hungry baby! Mothers can prepare stockpiles of baby milk for your baby nutrition in advance and keep them bottled and ready to satisfy a hungry little one without having to drop everything and feed.

  1. Shared baths

Giving a baby a bath can be a time-consuming activity, and one great way that many new parents save time is by combining their bathing time with their child’s! Taking your child to the bath with you is not only a great way to save time on parental necessities, but it is a great opportunity to have meaningful bonding time with your newborn. 

  1. Create study circles

Regularly getting together with groups of other students is a great way to share the burden of responsibilities you may have to keep on top of for your degree. Splitting tasks such as projects or creating study notes is one way that many new parents can keep on top of what they have to learn without losing heaps of time.

These are just 10 of the most effective tips for new parents looking for ways to improve their time management following the arrival of a new baby. By trying out and sticking to these tips, parents will see how much easier it can be to create an effective balance between work and parenting and squeeze the most out of the precious time with their new arrival!