Updating Your Bedroom Décor on a Budget

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Are you longing to update your bedroom décor?  It can be easy to put off redecorating your bedroom because you think your budget is too small.  However, there are lots of ways to keep the costs down and still manage to create a lovely bedroom.  

Here’s a few tips to update your bedroom décor on a budget.

Flooring options

When you’re thinking about getting new flooring for any room in your house, you need to think about what you can afford but also about quality.  There’s no point buying cheap flooring if it only lasts you a year before it looks shabby. It’s good to bear this in mind when choosing new bedroom flooring.

If you love the look of a solid wood floor but don’t love the price, you could look at getting a decent laminate or vinyl floor with a wood effect.  The cost of fitting vinyl flooring or installing laminate flooring will depend on the size of your room, the material you choose and whether you fit it yourself.  There are plenty of online guides to help you calculate the costs.

Refreshing the walls

Apart from the floor, your walls are probably the most prominent feature in your bedroom, so freshening them up is an easy way to update your décor.  Thankfully, most redecorating of walls can be done by even a novice DIYer.  Especially with all the helpful videos you find online these days.

If you need to strip the old wallpaper first, get yourself a wallpaper steamer to make it easier.  They’re not expensive but if you don’t want to buy one, you could hire one instead.

If you’re looking for new wallpaper and are shopping for cheap options, then end-of-line bargains can be found.  Just make sure to buy enough rolls to complete the job!

Makeover the bed

You may not have enough of a budget to buy a new bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a spruce up.  If you’ve got a wooden or metal bed frame, then this is easy to makeover with suitable furniture paint.  Spray paint will work best on metal frames.  If you’ve got a fabric headboard then recovering this with a piece of new fabric will give it a nice fresh look.

Splash out on a few new accessories

Buying a few new accessories is a great way to bring the look of your bedroom together and a budget-friendly way to refresh the space.  Add new bedding, bedside lamps, plants, and some pictures, to have your room looking fab in no time.