7 Anti-Aging Tips for Over 30s

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Growing old is a privilege, but when it comes to your skin, you want to keep it firm and glowing for as long as possible. While wrinkles and other signs of aging are inevitable, there are some tricks you can use to minimize them. After hitting thirty, looking after your skin is different compared to your teens and twenties, and there are many tricks and products you can try to help you with this. For example, a private label anti aging cream could be one option to help combat any issues you face as you age. There is plenty out there to try, so here are seven tips for getting it right.
1: Use SPF Every Day 

Many people only use SPF when they are out in the sun, but that simply isn’t enough. The damage caused by UV rays is one of the biggest contributors to aging skin, causing excessive wrinkles and sunspots. Invest in a high-quality SPF of thirty or above and cover your whole face and neck every day, even when it’s cloudy! 

2: Avoid Bad Habits

Some other huge contributors to aging skin include smoking tobacco and consuming alcohol. A glass of wine on the weekend won’t make you look fifty at forty, but if you regularly consume a lot of alcohol, it will dry out your skin and age you faster. 

Tobacco decreases your production of collagen, causing your skin to lose its elasticity. Smokers tend to have fine lines around their mouths from how they purse their lips when they smoke, too. 

3: Exercise 

Exercise is an important part of slowing down aging, including both age-related illnesses and appearance. If you’re mostly sedentary, then try to squeeze in at least three workouts per week to improve your body and mind. 

4: Eat Well

What you put into your body can show on your face. Once you’re in your thirties, long gone are the days when you could eat chocolate after cake after pizza with little consequence! To stay looking younger for longer, make sure you consume plenty of foods high in antioxidants and vitamins, and try to limit your consumption of sugar. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin plump and hydrated, too. 

5: Botox 

Botox is one of the most effective ways of deterring wrinkles. Many people imagine the frozen look when they think of Botox, but that only happens when you get too much at once. A safer way to receive high-quality Botox is to go to medical professionals like dentists to administer the correct amount while keeping your health in mind. Small amounts over time can turn back the clock!

6: Change Your Skincare Routine

Your skincare routine in your twenties won’t necessarily hold up in your thirties. You should be using a gentle cleanser every morning, a mild exfoliant once or twice a week, and a hydrating moisturizer. If you are struggling with your routine, have a chat with a dermatologist for personalized advice. 

Though, before that, it will be also wise to incorporate products that are made mostly of natural ingredients as they have proven benefits for the skin. As you get older your skin needs products that are free of alcohol, parabens and full of such calming ingredients as coconut oil, chamomile, goat milk, lavender, etc. From all mentioned ingredients goat milk and lavender have especially unique properties that will help your skin through the aging process. According to GoatSoap the combination of lavender and goat milk with their anti-aging effects will nourish and calm the skin.

7: Avoid Too Much Makeup

Much like skincare, your makeup should shift when you enter your thirties. Thick concealer and foundation will only draw attention to creases, so opt for lighter face products like BB creams to smooth out your skin while keeping it moisturized.