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Summer is a time for fun, games, laughter and sun and what better way to spend your summer, than with a good selection of outdoor games to keep you and friends or the whole family entertained. In the world we live in today, where the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, think and socialise; making sure you find new and exciting ways to have fun is important. Social distancing has forced us to stay at home and to stay safe – but luckily, we have put together a fun list of four outdoor games you can set up in your back garden and bring all the fun without having to leave your home. 

There are so many awesome outdoor games to play and depending on what interests you, friends or the children; you can find some really interesting games to play. We have chosen four outdoor games which we think are a lot of fun and perfect for those summer holidays. 


We kick it off with a very interesting and creative way of transforming your lawn or garden into a large twister game board. This is certainly changing things up and definitely suited for the whole family to join in on the fun, including the setting up. Depending on how big you want to go with this game board, you will need to make sure you have enough space, some cardboard and various coloured spray paints to get going. Cut out your circle stencil from the cardboard and then using the different spray paint colours, create your twister game board on the grass. This is certainly a game to bring up loads of laughter, twisty and tricky situations and the best part of it all, when you fall over, you will have a soft grassy landing. If you have never played the game of twister before, simply look up the rules and game online to make sure you set up your lawn game board properly.


Jenga is a game loved all around the world and what better way to spend the summer, than by taking a loved game and making it a giant version to enjoy in the back garden. There are two ways of getting your giant Jenga setup. First, you can decide to get into an awesome DIY project with friends or the kids and get creative in making your own giant Jenga blocks. Some have even taken it one step further by adding instructions or commands on each Jenga block. So every time a Jenga block is pulled out, the person who has pulled it out will need to obey the command or follow the instructions. Second, if you are planning to host a party or event and looking to have a good game of giant Jenga to entertain guests; you will be able to find many event planning companies or décor services that rent out giant yard games such as Jenga for events and parties. It is always a crowd-pleaser, a great ice breaker and a whole lot of fun for all ages to enjoy. 


The game of cornhole, also known by many other names such as bean toss, is an all-time favourite and classic outdoor game for all ages to enjoy. A very easy and simple game to set up, all you need is a cornhole board and of course, the bean bags or cornhole bags to toss and of course team players. Players will take turns to toss the cornhole bag into the board’s hole and the aim is to try and score the highest points against their opponents. A competitive game but definitely a whole lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy this summer. If you have never played cornhole before, then reading up on the rules and how to play, will get you excited to add this game to your next garden party or barbeque. 


One of the most well-known drinking games all around the world is of course beer pong, but imagine a giant version of beer pong to enjoy with friends. Usually, beer pong, as the name suggests, is an adult drinking game by which the aim is to try to get your opponents on the other side to drink for every ball you manage to throw into their triangle of beer cups on a table. Opponents stand on opposite sides of a table, each with their setup of beer cups, filled with some beer or alcohol of your choice. Each player will take the ball and try to throw it across the table to land inside their opponent’s cups. If the ball lands inside, the opponent needs to drink what is inside and is down one cup. 

The first team to have no more cups left on the table loses. Now, if you are looking at taking beer pong to the next level, then why not try giant beer pong. All the same, rules apply but instead, everything is much bigger. By using large buckets, bins or container – all of which must be the same size for the fair game as well as a larger ball, you can really put your back and whole body into it as you try to eliminate your opponents and see who falls to the floor first. For those who would like to play beer pong but a more child-friendly version, everything still remains the same but of course, you will play with juice or water instead. 

There are so many different types of outdoor games to explore. From strategy games to single or multi-team player games as well as creative and sporty games. There is such a wide selection of games to choose from to make sure you always have a fun and entertaining summer with family and friends.