PEMF Therapy and Its Effect on Arthritis

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Arthritis is one of the most common physical disorders people face. It is associated with severe pain in the joints. Patients with arthritis use medication and painkillers to numb the extreme pain. The medicines often provide timely ease from pain but do not cure the core issue. Also, the drugs have several side effects. If you suffer from joint pains and are looking for a way to treat them, see no further. PEMF therapy can help you with that. Now, many PEMF devices are available that are specifically designed to target different body problems. For example, the Bemer mat allows you to get therapy for your joints at home. 

Keep reading to learn how you can use this therapy to treat arthritis. 

How does PEMF Work on Your Body?

PEMF is an electromagnetic field that interacts with your body parts. These pulses reach deep in the body, reinvigorating body cells, muscles, tendons, tissues, and ligaments. In addition to that, you may be familiar that your body produces its electromagnetic waves. These therapeutic pulses interact with your body waves to stimulate various processes.

What Are the Root Causes of Arthritis?

Usually, arthritis is a result of constant exertion on joints. The other causes include genetics and some serious diseases. People who are aged or obese are more likely to fall prey to arthritis.

On a microscopic level, the damaged cells cause joint pain. When an enzyme called ATP malfunctions, the performance of cells becomes worse. The bones, muscles, and cells lose the ability to heal themselves. When your cells are struggling, they send pain signals to notify your brain. These signals mean that your cells need energy. The PEMF therapy works to reactivate your cells and thus, eliminates joint pain.

How Does PEMF Treat Joint Pain?

Now, you may be thinking about how this therapy works to alleviate arthritis pain. Here is how. The pulses stimulate the ions and enhance the energy level of your cell. They detoxify your cells and activate cell functions. This therapy also increases blood circulation and heals the cells. Moreover, the cell membranes become stronger to prevent further damage. In short, PEMF therapy works to heal the main issues in the body to reduce pain. 

How to Get PEMF Therapy?

You can get this treatment at home using PEMF devices. The devices include mats and pillows of various shapes and sizes. You can select a device according to your requirement. A small pad is enough to target your shoulder and elbow. You may use a full-size mat to target your knee or even your whole body. This therapy is easy to get as you only have to lay down while your device is working. Many clinics and hospitals also offer this therapy. This therapy is a painless, non-invasive way to treat your body with little to no side effects.

How Long Does This Therapy Take To Work?

The duration in which your arthritis is gone depends on the intensity and cause of the problem. However, with each therapy, you are likely to feel relief in your pain. Remember that this treatment enhances the natural healing process of your body. So, it may not be as instant as a painkiller but, its effects are everlasting. 


To conclude, PEMF therapy is one of the excellent ways to treat your arthritis. The pulses stimulate your body’s functions on a cellular level to heal you. Health specialists recommend this therapy as it is harmless, painless, and has no potential side effects. If you are tired of taking analgesics and want your strong bones back, you must give this therapy a shot.