The Importance of Therapy for Back Pain

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Everyone suffers from back pain at any time of day. Mostly it is due to bad posture or overexertion. But, if the pain continues for a few weeks, it is an indication that you need to address the reason seriously and go for treatment. If you ignore the pain, it could cripple your body and prevent you from doing basic daily chores. Sometimes your doctor could suggest medication to desensitize the pain. When medicines prove inefficient, you go for therapy. Below is a brief discussion on the importance of therapy for back pain.

Therapies for Back Pain

Therapies for back pain are of two types; passive therapy and active exercises. Both the types aim at reducing pain and improving the body’s functionality and mobility. Which type to choose? Your doctor can suggest better based on your posture, muscle strength, and range of movement. 

Active Physical Therapy for Back Pain

These include back exercises that help to regain spine health. You can include one or a combination. 

  •       Stretching parts like the hamstring
  •       strengthening back and core muscles
  •       Low-impact aerobics like walking, cycling, or swimming

Passive Physical Therapies

Passive therapies include alternative treatments that do not require your body to do something. These include many modalities such as

  •       Acupuncture
  •       Massage
  •       Electrical stimulation
  •       Biofeedback therapy
  •       Ice or hot packs

Why Are Therapies Important?

Pain Reduction

Constant back pain is hard to bear. It urges you to stay awake all night. It makes it difficult for the sufferers to perform ordinary movements. Therapy help alleviates painful conditions.  


Improved Mobility

Therapy aims at targeting the actual reason behind discomfort. It could be muscle stiffness, muscle spasm, or weak muscles. An accurate diagnosis leads to the right treatment. Besides, it can remarkably improve your range of motion. 

No Need for Surgery

Surgical procedures are costly and painful. An effective therapy rules out the need for surgery.

Reduce the Possibility of Injuries

Back pain is a red flag for spine health. It shows that something worse can happen at any time. Weak bones and muscles are likely to have bigger injuries. Improper balance and poor posture may lead to accidental falling. Therapies help to improve body balance and coordination by working on muscles and preventing accidents.

A Personalized Approach

Which therapy to choose? The selection of a suitable therapy is a personal thing and differs for each patient depending on individual needs, lifestyle, and history.

PEMF and Back Pain

PEMF therapy starts from general toward specific. It is an excellent remedy for treating any kind of pain. The pulses of magnetic energy reach every body part to improve cellular health. Medications mostly focus on suppressing the symptoms rather than working on the base level. Some methods could pose side effects owing to minor miscalculations. Magnetic therapies are safe to conduct, effective at reducing pain, and offer no side effects.

However, you cannot expect a 100% cure in pain, but it diminishes amazingly, helping you to resume back to normal life. Unlike other therapies, electromagnetic field therapy starts by working on your brain. It soothes your limbic system to slow down pain signaling naturally. It is equally effective for both acute and chronic pain.

PEMF works at various levels to provide relief in back pain.

  •       Reducing body inflammation
  •       Improving blood circulation
  •       Repairing muscles
  •       Improving bone health

Seek expert advice to know which system works better for you. 

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Tips for Preventing Back Pain

Irrespective of what therapy you choose, follow these precautions to avoid the recurrences of back pain.

  •       Maintain a good position while sleeping, sitting or walking, or working or traveling.
  •       Make sure you use good quality pillows, cushions, mattresses, and seats that provide maximum support.
  •       While lifting heavy loads, keep the stuff closer to your body. Seek help if it is difficult to handle alone. 
  •       Be physically active to keep your muscles and bones strong and functional.


Back pain is difficult to tolerate. While having it, you cannot lie on the bed, sit or get up without sighing. Luckily, many therapies can help you. Seek help from your doctor to choose a therapy that caters to your individual needs.