Reasons Why You Should Get Your Hands on the All-New Toyota Corolla to Elevate Your Lifestyle

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The Toyota Corolla is a style statement and one of Toyota’s best sellers across the globe. The vehicle is absolutely adored by users across the globe and makes up 1 out of every 5 Toyota’s sold by the company worldwide. The success of the Corolla is hidden from none, as users understand the crazy specifications and the grand features offered by it. 

Toyota has also invested in the Corolla to lead it to where it stands today. All users and fans of the Toyota Corolla appreciate the features it carries and how it stands out just the way it did all those years back. 

For the year 2021, the new Toyota Corolla has instilled a number of improvements and much appreciated features inside the vehicle. The vehicle comes with state of the art design elements, which are well complemented with comfort and safety features. All of these features make the Corolla stand out and give it the touch needed for success and performance. Drivers that have driven the all new Toyota Corolla 2021 have been all praises for it, especially the interior performance and detailing. 

In this article, we perform a detailed overview of the corolla and give you a look inside one of the world’s most recommended sedans. The vehicle is a fan favourite for drivers in Australia and has roped in plenty of positive reviews. We jump deep into these reviews today and look at factors that make the Corolla truly awesome. Stick with us as we look at these reasons.

Built for Commute 

The all new Toyota Corolla ticks all the right boxes, as it has improvements and additions on all fronts. The affordability of the car is still top notch, as it features all premium capabilities. The value for money is second to none, as the Corolla stands out among all options within its range. 

The base Corolla model comes at a convenient price range and offers a good deal most users cannot shy away from. The quality and precision of the corolla are complemented by a general aura of efficiency on the roads. The vehicle isn’t just easy to buy, but it is also relatively affordable to maintain and drive around on the roads. The dependability of the vehicle is top notch, and it beats all other options to deliver optimal comfort and trust. 

Perfect for the Heavy Traveller

Do you travel with more luggage than other travellers? Then the Toyota Corolla is the best fit for you. The hatchback variant of the Toyota Corolla, launched this year, comes with extra cargo space that can fit in additional cargo. 

From college students to business travellers, everyone can use the excess space to stuff dorm supplies and travel accessories within the trunk. 

The standard sedan comes with 18 cubic feet of space inside the trunk, while the cargo space model, with a hatchback design, comes with 24 cubic feet of space. The model has also added a tire repair kit, which replaces the spare wheel to provide even more cargo space inside the vehicle. 

Excellent Performance 

Performance is what you crave if you really want to amplify your lifestyle. The Corolla hasn’t been the go-to option for users looking to get decent performance on the road. But, the all-new Toyota Corolla is a massive improvement from previous models. The model makes amends and gives a long-term performance, powered by a durable and standard 1.8 litres engine. 

Variety in Models 

The all-new Toyota Corolla 2021 comes with a decent level of variety within the different trims. Driving enthusiasts looking for more comfort and fun on the wheels will definitely like the all-new Apex Corolla model. This model is equipped with sufficient power under the hood and allows the car to remain balanced across all tricks and manoeuvres. 

Real Head Turner 

The Toyota Corolla goes one up on all previous models of the Corolla to offer features that can really turn heads on the road. The exterior design looks perfect now and oozes class. The powerful wheels have an extraordinary look and provide excellent road grip due to the 18-inch size. The exterior gives a good indication of the car’s prowess, eventually turning heads wherever you go on the roads. 

Fuel Efficient 

Fuel efficiency is something that users have come to expect from the Corolla and one place where the all new Toyota Corolla 2021 will not disappoint you at all. The vehicle does a stellar 30 miles for one gallon in the city and can go up to 38 miles per gallon when you are driving on the highway at highway speeds. These are crazy speeds for a vehicle of this prowess and ability. 

Updated Infotainment 

Toyota has updated the infotainment system in the all-new 2021 Corolla. The vehicle comes with an exemplary infotainment setup that delivers on what the users want. The simple design leaves nothing to be desired and the durable nature is what stands out. 

We like the aesthetics of the interior and how the touch infotainment system blends with the colour of the dashboard. You will feel comfortable and at peace inside the car. The vehicle also comes with the best JBL sound systems in the market, which give you good audio feedback for what you play. 

Safety is guaranteed 

Your all new Toyota Corolla gives you guaranteed safety on the road. The vehicle has a five star safety rating and is well equipped with all additions to promise you safety on the roads. The interior features of the Toyota Corolla stand out and offer excellent durability. The vehicle has passed all safety tests with flying colours and is known for its durability and safety on the roads. Even the base level includes excellent safety features, which remain the same across the board. 

The all new Toyota Corolla 2021 is a class apart and will definitely elevate your lifestyle. The car is a head-turner and will turn heads when you drop your kids to school or do something as simple as head to the grocery store.