A Guide to Finger Tattoos; What You Need To Know

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All You Need To Know About Finger Tattoos


People draw tattoos on different parts of the body, and the fingers are one of the common body parts to tattoo. However, since fingers are tiny, they can only fit small tattoos like letters, symbols, or two-letter words. 

You can choose to have the tattoo on the sides of the top side of the finger. Besides, you should wisely select the tattoo to be drawn on your fingers because it will be easily visible. However, before visiting the artist, here are some facts you need to know about finger tattoos. 

  1. Finger Tattoos Are Painful

Although most finger tattoos are small, they are as painful as the big ones. The only difference is that you won’t feel the pain for a long time because the tattoo is small and takes a short time to be drawn. However, getting a tattoo is different for everyone, so some people don’t feel much pain because they are pain intolerant. 

  1. They Heal Quickly

One advantage of finger tattoos is that they are quick to heal. Ensure you give the fingers the correct after-care, and you will be good. Some of the care includes avoiding over-washing your hands and not using many moisturizing products. Ensure you follow the artist’s instructions and use the right products on the finger tattoo. 


  1. Finger Tattoos Are Quick To Fade

A tattoo on your back will not last the same time on your wrist and fingers. According to Glaminati, the hands are constantly busy in the kitchen, washing clothes and doing chores, so these tattoos are likely to fade fast. This will not mean that the artist did a poor job. You can go for a re-touch of the ink to keep it in good shape. 

  1. Choose Simple Designs

The fingers are minor parts of the body you can have tattoos drawn, so there is little room. When choosing a finger tattoo, go for effortless but unique designs. Some standard designs are small flowers, letters, or geometric symbols. You can also choose to draw small insects like butterflies. 

  1. Don’t Take Too Long For Touch-Ups

Once you start noticing fading, you can bring your tattoo to life by doing a touch-up. They are not as painful as the first time you drew the tattoo. However, you should budget for the touch-up because it is not free. 

  1. Research

Research the different tattoo ideas for men for fingers and the best artists around your area. The artist should have the skills and be in good health. Working with random artists you don’t know about their health status can transmit diseases because they are dealing with body piercing. 

  1. Maintain Cleanliness

Since your hands are constantly exposed, it is easy to contaminate the wound when you touch the dirt. This can cause serious infections. To avoid complications, keep your hands clean. Also, use fragrance-free soap and fewer moisturizers to heal the wound faster. 


  1. Finger Tattoo Ideas To Try
  1. Cute Small Tattoos

You can have fruit, candy, or a lovely insect like the butterfly drawn on your fingers. However, before choosing the tattoo, ensure you know the correct meaning, and it matches your personality. 

  1. Side Finger Tattoos

The side finger of your ring, middle, or index fingers are long and can fit a short sentence. You can have your mantra is written on the side of your middle finger, a place where only you can see. You can also tattoo your name or a loved one on your ide finger. 

  1. Inner Finger Tattoo

Where your palm ends and the finger starts is also a perfect place for tattoos. However, tattoos on this part are semi-private since they can only be seen when you open the palm. You can choose letters or a tiny symbol with a meaning that describes you

  1. Middle Finger Tattoo

If you want stars, butterflies, or harmless animals like turtles on the finger, you can have them drawn on the middle finger. It is longer and can fit images better compared to the other fingers. For very smaller tattoos such as stars, you can have them engraved on the sides of your finger if you do not want to expose them – people will only see it when you want them to!