Top Tips For Keeping Pests Out of Clothing

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When most people think about pests they consider termites, mice, perhaps even ants and cockroaches. It’s rare for people to instinctively think about clothing pests. Yet, they can be just as serious an issue. 

For example, when you put seasonal clothing away you’re creating a warm space for rodents to live in. They are likely to chew your clothing in order to make themselves comfortable. Another common clothing pest is moths and even carpet beetles. They can all do a significant amount of damage to your favourite clothes and soft furnishings. 

Yes, if you notice an issue then you need to check out pest control near me. You’ll be able to locate professionals to help you eliminate the issue. However, while regular inspections are a good idea, knowing the top tips for keeping pests out of clothing will help to prevent the hassle and allow you to enjoy your favourite clothes for another season. 

Wash Them First

If you’ve finished with your clothes for the season and are ready to put them away then you need to wash them and dry them properly first.

If you don’t then the oils from your skin will stay on your clothes, making them very attractive to pests.

Failing to dry them properly will also mean they are more attractive to pests and more likely to attract mould spores.  

Avoid Cardboard Storage

Cardboard gets damp easily, potentially damaging what is stored inside. It is also cellulose-based which makes it an attractive option to various pests, including silverfish. They can chew their way through the box and then start on the clothes.

To prevent this, you’re better off using plastic containers to store your clothes. These can be sealed and are pest-proof. 

Try Cedar Wood

Cedarwood has a distinctive smell and it’s one that most pests don’t like. This is especially true of carpet beetles and clothes moths. You can find out more info from your local pest control experts and get a variety of products with a cedar wood aroma. 

Put these where you store your seasonal clothes and the pests will stay away.

If you’re not keen on the smell of cedarwood yourself then you can always use herbs. Certain ones, such as lavender and mint are known to repel pests. Simply mix them in a little bag and leave the bag open next to your stored clothes. 

Secure your Home

Pests will enter your home if there is something to attract them, such as crumbs or nice-smelling clothes. However, they need to be able to get into your home and that means through an open window, open door, or a crack in your exterior walls.

To prevent them from getting in start by adding screens to your windows and door, this blocks the pest’s potential entry point. 

You should also inspect the outside of your home to ensure there are no cracks or gaps that pests can get through. Pay particular attention around doors and windows as this is where gaps are commonly found. 

The less appealing your home is the less likely it is you’ll have a pest problem in your clothes.